Manifestation and action


Hi, I have a question regarding manifestation modules in subliminals and action. In a thread, @SaintSovereign said about Sex & Seduction:

but in the product description it says:

  • Romance Manifestation
  • Sex Manifestation

Same goes for Mogul/Emperor, just with money. How does it work? I thought that manifestation means something just appears, without any action on your part.

I’m not saying I want to run a subliminal and the sky open and women and money rain down on me. I’m just trying to understand how it works.

Also is there a module to compel or motivate you to act in subliminals?



Of course, it won’t fall out the sky. What will happen though is completely unexpected situations that will lead you to money/women.

In SS, this can be things like:

  • chance encounters with women,
  • friends introducing you,
  • women hovering around you (waiting to be opened),
  • encountering old female friends you lost touch with,
  • women eyeing you during your day-to-day activities,
  • women opening you out of nowhere,
  • friends inviting you out,
  • etc.

To help manifestation, it is important to have your avenues of manifestation open - meaning, go out in order to give your subconscious a chance to set things up in your way.

Manifestation will always be working, even when you aren’t going out - but you will only see the end result that is seen when you do go out or when the subconscious brought the manifestation to your door (for example a pizza delivery… that is a woman… rare, but happens :wink: ).

For this reason, go out and engage women. There isn’t a limit for the subconscious - it can work on multiple manifestations at the same time, but you have to create a place where these manifestations can occur. The more you do, the more manifestations you will see.

Similar process occurs with money - you will see more opportunities manifest, more people hitting you up, more chances to branch out and/or get promotions, even friends/family giving you money.

And again, it works best when you work at it - putting in the hours, making connections, etc.

Of course.


I feel when we resolve the blocks we have had we either become aware of or take advantage of opportunities that we might have missed or somehow sabotaged in the past


For a while I was getting a bit frustrated from not seeing results as quickly as I may want but I now realize that because of my past and what I need to reconcile it may take some time. I know for a fact I have a metric **** ton of fear to work through.


Thanks for the answer, it cleared a lot of things up fo me.