MALKUTH The Phenomenaut

I find myself, almost unexpectedly, beginning a new phase of my subliminal journey.

It’s still organically connected to the same vision that has been coming into being since I began working with subliminals in September 2019.

I’ve been playing stage 1 of Khan Black: The Crucible for the past 2 months. Started on 15 June 2023. I’m going to switch to stage 2 on 1 September. For the next 5 or so months, I’ll be working through stages 2, 3, and the beginning of 4. The energy and the energetic structures empowered in The Crucible will be important for feeding the other two programs, both customs, of my current stack.

The first custom is called PHENOMENAUT: Genesis.

Revelation of Mind
Revelation of Spirit
Eagle Eye
Mercy Protocol
Way of Understanding
Whispered Power
Story Teller
Ultimate Writer
Technological Prodigy
Instant Business Tactician
Carpe Diem Ascended
Victory’s Call
Mountain Breaker
You Are Not Alone

Function: Powering and Empowering my journey of Internal Exploration and Development - my continued cultivation of engagement with consciousness. Supporting my process of phenomenological engagement and facilitation (of others).

My other custom is a Standard ZPv2 rebuild of my originally Terminus2 custom POOLS of Healing.

The modules of POOLS are

Paragon Complete
SPS: Endocrine System
SPS: Reproductive System
A/SPS: Organs
SPS: Respiratory System
SPS: Nervous System
SPS: Skeletal System
Health Codex
Fusion Optimized
Stop Porn and Masturbation
Inner Gasoline
Deep Sleep
A/SPS: Eyesight
SPS: Fat Burn
SPS: Muscular System
Prevent Premature Ejaculation
Male Enhancement
SPS: Integumentary System
SPS: Digestive System

I first built that in April 2022 and played it for two months (from May to July). I’ve thought about adjusting it. For one thing, Inner Gasoline and Fusion Optimized seem not completely necessary since I’m also running Khan Black. But I already made it, so I’ve decided to give it a run.

POOLS, in particular, may be pretty energy-intensive. I’m glad I’m running KB alongside.

Phenomenaut: Genesis is built around the Unfolding process, but I think that it, too, will benefit from the copious energy that KB is liberating. There will be a lot for that energy to do.

Once we get to February, I should be one month into Khan Black 4. That’s still 5.5 months away, but I am thinking that, at that time–in the PHENOMENAUT:Genesis custom–I will replace Genesis with KB4. At that time, it will become PHENOMENAUT (complete).


This is an involved and exciting stack for these next 5 months.

Let’s do it.


----------------August 25 update---------------

POOLS has now been updated to POOLS Black.

The modules of POOLS Black are:

Paragon Complete
Khan Black: The Crucible
The Revelation of Dreams
SPS: Endocrine System
SPS: Reproductive System
SPS: Skeletal System
A/SPS: Eyesight
Health Codex
Stop Porn and Masturbation
One Scent

It’s gone up from 2 to 3 program cores. It’s also gone from 20 down to 11 total modules.


Forgot about that one… the combination of Paragon and Diamond seems quite interesting and dare I say Provocative…

This one is quite impressive!! I could easily replace a couple of modules and make it work for me.

Have a great ride!!


PHENOMENAUT Genesis custom arrived 2 hours ago. I have the stack for meditation all set up now.

I’ll meditate with only Phenomenaut Genesis and Khan Black and will play POOLS (the Paragon custom) at other times (pre-bed, I think).

I’ll get ready to do the first PG meditation shortly.


Still dealing with jet lag and that’s the strongest sensation that I have right now.

But I’m noticing this generalized, vague sense of positive expectancy.


I can already see that this is going to be immensely helpful. It already is immensely helpful.

Sat down today for my first meditation session after running PHENOMENAUT Genesis yesterday.


Cultivate a vigorous open-ended engagement with All-That-Is

Get into yourself and get over yourself. Do both.

Attain great accomplishments and transcend fascination with your accomplishments.

Sit and accommodate more and more of what is


Am running three ZP programs and I want to follow the official ZP listening guidelines for three programs

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Attention is a super power

Energy is a super power

Life is a love-affair with my nervous system


Strengthen and refine your energy and attention

100 seemingly unrelated problems will be resolved.


This feels like exactly what I need.


One day after my first loop of RoM and RoS, I noticed an immediate upsurge in mental strength, vigor, and quality.

Started from this morning’s meditation, continued on through my consultation meeting, and then afterwards as I went to shop at the supermarket. Attentional acuity was up and it was making a difference in my subjective experiencing. More ‘present’ as they say.

I also just recognized a synchronicity from yesterday.

On the same day that I began the Phenomenaut Genesis custom, I saw this announcement from Daniel Ingram.

One of the great resources for any mental cultivators. And it’s now available in audio form (my preferred form).

I will consider this an instant manifestation.


My rebuilt POOLS of Healing Standard ZP custom arrived in the middle of last night. The file is still labeled as Terminus Squared, but I’m hoping that is just automatically filled in from the previous build. (I’ve queried customer service, but either way, I need to get started with this program tonight.)

So, my stack for the next 6 months is now complete. Beautiful.

Now, if things work as I hope, I’ll be thinking more about my life and less about subliminals.

One of my thoughts is:

One way to know that you’ve chosen the right subliminals and that you’re processing them well is if it’s much more interesting and compelling to think about your life than it is to think about subliminals. (Although in rare cases, those two things can be one and the same.)


Look more closely at things.

Strive continuously to see things more and more for what they are.

Don’t mistake complacency for competence. They have very little to do with one another.


I am feeling anticipatory stress about upcoming workload.

Well, that’s why I’m sitting here making arrangements.

Here’s hoping for the best.

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Did 1 5-minute loop of POOLS around midnight. Slept for about 3.5 hours. This is actually a slight improvement over the previous nights. I’ll lay down for a bit longer.

Jet lag may be almost over.


I’ve manifested a teacher who speaks in down-to-earth, experiential terms about the various elements of practice. This one came really quickly.


observe sentience as a phenomenon

accommodate sentience as a phenomenon

take responsibility for the patterns of your own sentience

develop an objective familiarity with your sentience


Realized that I could redesign POOLS with Khan Black as one of the program cores. Pared it way down.

Now it has the following modules:

POOLS Crucible

Paragon Complete
Khan Black: Stage 2
The Revelation of Dreams
SPS: Endocrine
SPS: Reproductive
SPS: Skeletal
A/SPS: Eyesight
Health Codex
One Scent
Stop Porn and Masturbation

Now, I can keep my stack to just two programs.



Here is the right attitude with which to approach subliminals:

“I’m going to achieve this anyway; no matter what, even without subliminals. If it takes me a week or it takes me 10 years; I’m getting there.”

Then play the subliminal.

The gods recognize and respond to focus and commitment.


These lives we have—in the universe—are so improbable, nigh impossible.

All we do is complain about the parts that don’t seem to be going well.

To have had the chance to have been here at all; to be alive and with even a modicum of conscious intelligence, is a freaking lottery win.

This crap is truly impossible. Miraculous.

Conscious matter with organized intelligence.