MALKUTH, Building : BUILDING, Malkuth

The journey begins.

After 31 days of washing out, I started the next leg of my subliminal journey today.

Ultimately, this phase will focus on 3 Terminus2 build ZP customs: Naissance, Sapiens, and PATHS.

But I’m introducing them in waves to give my mind a chance to adjust and acclimate.

So for now, there’s just one subliminal on deck:


Quantum Limitless 4
Wisdom Personified
Eagle Eye
Mercy Protocol
Wisdom Personified Way of Understanding
Whispered Power
Story Teller
Ultimate Writer
Technological Prodigy
Instant Business Tactician
Carpe Diem Ascended
Productivity Unleashed
Victory’s Call
Mountain Breaker

Expressed succinctly: the focus of SAPIENS ZP is to support me in (en)Visioning and Building my Empire of Wise, Compassionate Service.

The stack of three customs overall is about Self-Determination in Alignment with my Nature.

Played my first loop today.

When I play subliminals, it’s generally within a meditation session.

I use the app AudioShare.

Here’s the playlist from today:

So it’s one 15-minute subliminal followed by 3 15 minute silent meditation timer tracks. I get a little chime at 30 minutes and then 60 minutes.

This is almost always how I do it, since it gives my brain time, during the session to focus primarily on processing the sub.

Today’s session was from about 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm or thereabouts.

I will play the sub once every 4 days. So next scheduled plays are Tuesday 16 August then Saturday 20 August, and so on.

What did I notice today?

  • Relatively relaxed easy start. Meditation session felt normal. No obvious altered state effects.

  • Enjoyed the sound of the solace mask. FLAC had a subtly different sound, a little more organic-feeling. That was about it.

  • Afterwards, I took 10 minutes to ease back into a post-meditation regular state of mind, and then I got a phone call, which I answered. I noticed that I was slightly more impatient, less tolerant, a little bit more irritable than I might usually have been. Nothing intense, but still noticeable.

And that’s, for now, what I’ve got.


I just have to ask: Any business goals? :slight_smile:

If you do, and if you happen to have any questions I could help with, DM me.


@Hoppa :slightly_smiling_face:

Good to see you.

Yes, I have two.

  1. Optimally organize, plan, and carry out the responsibilities of my current job. This includes gradually limiting and constraining how much of my overall time the job is able to occupy. So the plan is to first focus on planning and effective execution and to then focus on decreasing and limiting its time/attention footprint.

  2. I have a business vision of an area of products and services that I wish to develop iteratively over the next 3 years.

Thank you, as always, for your generosity of counsel. I highly value your experience and your grounded wisdom. I look forward to reaching the point where I have specific questions to ask!


They let you add Wisdom Personified TWICE?


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Second one should say ‘Way of Understanding’. Was typing quickly. (I have it filed in my brain under ‘W’).

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Yes, I checked your About, and it had WoU in there.


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It’s about 11 hours since my first loop ended.

I’m noticing subtle stirrings already!

Actually, now that I reflect carefully, I noticed a certain subtle recklessness stealing into how I expressed myself in a text chat with a professional acquaintance/colleague/friend much earlier this evening.

(Going to need to keep an eye on that.)

But what I was just noticing was:

A (subtle) clarifying of vision

One of my challenges in life has been navigating the space between Thought and Action, from Kether to Malkuth, from Heaven to Earth, from Asgard to Midgard.

It has been challenging for me to successfully make that trip. Not so much because of its complicatedness, but more so due to a lack of sufficient motivation, focus, and confidence.

I’m sensing that Sapiens ZP may serve, for me, as a better Bifrost.

I just now noticed that my mind was more easily generating a map and a course to get me to where I wish to be vis-à-vis work responsibilities.

What impresses me more than the specific steps that were generated is the somewhat higher level of comfort and ease that I noticed in my mind in staying with the area itself.


This morning’s meditation

Felt stable and solid.

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During this morning’s meditation, I found that my mind started doing very simple math.

The thought came into my mind:

If you have to subtract any number from 10000, it’s much easier to subtract the number from 9999 and then add 1.

Then from time to time my mind would just generate another number and do it. Like 4362 or something.

And I saw that mental mathematics was easier if you first go to one of those easier numbers and then convert from there. (For example, 2950-1763. Solve for 10000-1763 first. Then subtract 7000. Then subtract 50.)

Just idle thoughts. But it seemed like the kind of idle, calisthenic-type thought that might be related to processing a subliminal.


Huh you can let your files automatically play back to back in Audioshare? I thought that was the only downside of this application is that I cannot make playlists and let them play and from begin to finish.

I have to select each file and press play.

  1. Create a folder for the files you want to play
  2. Within the folder, sequence the files in the order you wish for your playlist (I do this by adding a number to the start of the file name and then selecting ‘Order by Name’)
  3. To start the playlist press the ‘play’ icon next to the first file on the list. AudioShare will automatically play the following files in the folder.

Not for me it’s just finishes the audio I clicked play for and then it stops.

Might be a setting.

You’re right.

On the main ‘Library’ screen, click on the “image” symbol.

It’s in the upper-left of the screen.

On the next screen, you’ll see a place to tap ‘Settings’.

Then make sure that ‘Auto-preview next’ is set to “on”.

Once that’s on, the above instructions will work.

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Thank you for the instructions, appreciate it @Malkuth


Just a brief reminder, for myself and anyone else who might happen to be tangentially interested:

This planet, the substance of which comprises you and me (and basically most everything else with which you have any dealings) is estimated to have been here for roughly 4.4 billion years.

Reflecting on this is part of my spiritual practice.

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Today has been fairly quiet.

Through a confluence of circumstances, no one else was here at home and I got a very much needed day of solitude. Really needed this.

Space to think and to just be.

Those first hints and tremors of initial activity from my new custom quieted down.

I got my normal morning practices done relatively early. Woke up at 6:15 am after only 3 or 4 hours of sleep this morning. Son needed to get up at 7:45, so I chose to do meditation from 6:40 to 7:40. Woke him up and then once he’d gotten ready and gone out, I did my walking (inside). Heat wave these days, so I’m mostly walking inside. Think it’s starting to get better though, so I may start going out more.

Ended up sleeping for a couple of hours in the afternoon. That was weird. But I needed it and it re-energized me.

Son’s almost 15 now and if I’m barefoot and he’s wearing sneakers, he’s grown taller than me or almost taller.


Hmm…not many other thoughts.

I’m enjoying the dawning sunrise of Sapiens ZP. The fact that I’m feeling relatively smooth and even-keeled just 2 days after my first loop is encouraging. It suggests that the ‘1 day on 3 days off’ interval may be workable in the long-term.


So busy focusing on who other people are and what they can do that you never get around to learning who you are and what you can do?


Many people claim to value free will when what they’re really after is free pleasure.

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The truth is that our tendency is to ignore vast, vast tracts of who and what we are.

We squeeze our identities into narratives that only contain a small part of what we are; and then we fight, fight, fight for those narratives and over them.




2nd time playing Sapiens ZP.

As usual, played it in first 15 minutes of 1-hour meditation session. (I’ll probably stop repeating that since it doesn’t change.)

Ended about 3 hours ago.

Just processing now.