Male Aggression

Who here would say he is shying away from his aggressive side? Repressing it?

  • Yes, I am
  • No, I am not

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This needs a third option: Used to do before I ran an alpha sub.

And before people call the woke police, controlled aggression is not a bad thing. In some cases, anger is actually the right emotion to have to deal with a situation.

So in my case, back in the days I did shy away. Ever since I am on Primal, I know how to use that fiery emotion within in me.


Absolutely. That’s why I’m always running Ascension in some form.

I’m conscious of it now but it still happens. For me since I also have ADHD that comes with anger issues due to difficulty regulating emotions. My dad had a lot of angry outbursts when I was a kid so internally I vowed not to do that to people. But I never learned how to utilize anger in a productive boundary setting manner, I just always ate it and consequently the person that drove me to that point doesn’t get the pushback I need to give them. It’s been messed up but I’m learning.


Since I’ve ran those subs, especially my first run of Khan in 2019.

Thing is, I usually value stoicism, which mean I adopt a vision of life to percieve a max of positive and keep my mood up, but I’ve been angry with my roommate a few times when she disresected me and kept arguing until she cried because I believe it was important she take responsability for her action even if she was raised as a child princess…

Oh, I also started Muay Thai classes, I love punching stuff (and kicking also!)


Can’t be arsed to be Mr Angry Gorilla just to prove something to random dullards trying to swing their manhood. But then again I’m not living the “alpha high life”.

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Do you really have that or was it just prescribed as a kid as a recommendation by a teacher because they couldn’t be bothered to deal with your energy like 90% of adhd cases?

That’s not stoicism. That is fairy land.

The stoics intentionally felt such emotions before a event so when it occurred they knew how to handle these emotions. They appeared unphased by everything from the outside but they did feel it inside, they just knew how to handle it.


I think it’s more of a miscommunication in between us, because the goal of stoicism for me if to “be positive” and keep a level head even in tough situation. This is accomplished by learning how to handle these emotions. I wasn’t alluding to roses glasses.

There are no cheat codes for emotions, if you repress them, they just come back up stronger or express themself through unhealthy shit… When you handle it the proper way, then you are less affected by it and can continue on focusing on positive.

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I really have it. And mine didn’t manifest as high energy as a kid. Just spaciness, daydreaming, overall lack of attention. I didn’t get a diagnosis until a year ago.


I chose Yes, because I’m clearly NOT “aggressively moving toward my goals.”

The way my current life is setup, there is no need for social aggressiveness.
In general, I’m not an example of a "good boy."



Sadly I repressed it long enough :cry::cry:, but not any more . At some point I will reach for balance .

Gonna say just after reading that poll, I’m kind of little of both

I’ve learned the hard way that being surgically assertive has far more utility (and less legal liability) than raw aggressiveness.


Lots are repressing their masculinity and sexuality and don’t even know it. A better question would be who here is shying away from their warrior energy


Aggression is masculinity now? See, a Man has control over his emotions, knows his worth and is humble.

The more you are evolved, the more you feel and the more grateful, humble, and virtues you are for those feelings. Life will be a joy, pleasant, exciting, adventurous, and after all humour will be increased.

Primal means Primal, it is the most animalistic form of a Man that exists, the lowest of low creatures. It is giving way to our carnal desires and behaviours.

Aggression is toxic, all others forms of viciousness and neglecting your empathy and compassion for another being is still toxic. If someone gets in the way of your goals you can try love, then compassion and if that does not work you set boundaries.

But losing control because you are not getting what you want?

That’s the image of a Man who is immature.

Soulless creatures. Ruling by power, fear, aggression.

Why make enemies when you can make friends? :blush:


Not seeing it just yet, guys, I’m allowing it. Amoris, if you are who they think you are, tone it down on the angelic stuff. People are not ready for that conversation. Calibrate to your audience and converse on a practical, down to earth level.

As for my contribution, late though it may be. It is important to discern between aggression and assertiveness. In dealing with other people, an assertive person is dominant and can get what they want because the other party willingly submits to the apparent hierarchy and lets them. Aggression is acting out of a perceived lack of control or power, thinking the only way to compensate is to take out all those that resist. The aggressive man takes a gun to a fistfight, the assertive man takes his fists to a gunfight and convinces everybody to put their guns down.

Try and think of examples of both. I have found that being able to recognize both cases teaches a lot about one’s own situation. I can clearly recognize when I’m being assertive and when I’m about to become aggressive for feeling a loss of power or control.