Majors DR+Emperor then Alchemist+Emperor

Hello Everyone

Brand new user here, need some help please? Planning on buying three major programs Emperor; Dragon Reborn and Alchemist. It will be something like Emp+DR for about 6 months then Emp+Alchemist after that.

Bio: 37 y/o straight male; Virgo; INFJ-T; born again Christian; single; mild stutterer…

Reason for Emperor: Done being a Mr Nice guy; getting stepped on, used and taking advantage of. Relationships don’t last. I was told by one girl once I wasn’t man enough for her. Approaching women or just talk to them with a sober mind is but a dream, hopefully meeting the one. Not very social anymore so this fits perfectly, had my fair share of nightclubs; alcohol and hookups(when drunk). Starting my own business and helping those in need.

Reason for DR: All kinds of fears; insecurities; childhood trauma. Accepting and being proud of myself or even better creating a new me. I modeled a few bad characteristics from my parents, dad is controlling; proud; perfectionist; passive aggressive when drunk. Mom is stubborn; moans a lot and a bit of a narcissist(guilt trips), the messed up thing is is they don’t recognize any of those traits lol. I love them to bits and very grateful for having them as my parents.

Reason for Alchemist: Soul is weak, overpowered by the flesh. Back slided a bit but never lost my faith. Praying just to get it over with, reading my bible with no focus or meaning and don’t remember a thing. Celibate for 2 years now but because of my high sex drive I fell prey for porn, not easy getting rid of that demon. Should be meditating on the word and be mindful with Christ but here I’m fantasizing about the new 992 GT3.

Is this a good approach and what is the best way starting with the loops? Thanks in advance.


I would run DR first, then the Alchemist and then I would stack it (when starting stage 4) with Emperor. Healing subs tend to overpower other subs that’s why it’s better to run them solo. You can stack DR with the Elixir. I’ve found it to be a great combo.

There is an instruction on how to run subs.


It’s almost as if am reading my own story. I am 39, Leo, INFJ, have real controlling parents and have an on and off issue with porn. Born catholic but am pretty agnostic now although I do meditate often and understand the redpill nature of the bible

Now coming to your Dragon Reborn, Alchemist and Emperor stack. This is a bit difficult since even though it’s a good idea to first do a full emotional healing with DR before doing Emperor, it isn’t adviced to run DR as your first sub. It’s an absolute hard run. Even the sales page of DR recommends running something like Emperor before DR

So the best thing to do is to start with Alchemist. Maybe even Alchemist + Emperor. Do this for 4 months (each stage of Alchemist a month each) and then do 4 months of Alchemist ST4 + Emperor + DR

I think this would do the trick but in the end, it’s totally uptp you what you eventually decide of course

All the best and welcome to Subclub

PS: i haven’t run Alchemist but I have run both Dragon Reborn and Emperor, and can personally vouch for both of them


As for the Bible stuff:

Read and reread your favorite or most impactful part. whatever It is. Ponder it for any new meaning you can glean from it.

For me, it’s the Parable of the Prodigal Son. The main meaning I get from that: It’s never too late to “come back”

It’s always possible to begin anew.

I’m not a “believer” any longer, but I still find useful meaning from certain things from that time in my life.



Please re-read what @raphael said above.

I think starting with Alchemist would be an idea worthy of consideration because there is that warning on Dragon Reborn, and stage 1 of the Alchemist has healing in it.

If porn is an issue, I would encourage you to go to the Q store and read about:
Stop Porn and Masturbation
Eye of the Storm
and maybe even Pride Unbroken, and Immortal’s Blade


Thank you all for the warm welcome; replies and guidance. Looks like I have some reading to do. Reading some of the journals just makes me excited and gives me hope, should make my purchase end of the month :upside_down_face:. Thx once again.


I just want to add that the Alchemist (stage 1) kicks out of your mind negative energies and thoughts. It’s also destroyed my old negative self-talk utterly.

The Dragon well… it rocked my world! :slight_smile:

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@Voytek That’s what I want to hear. Emperor will have to wait as I will run that for the long haul once healing in complete. Will take your advice and run DR+Elixir but will ease into it, baby steps. Was thinking:

1st week
Day 1 DR solo X1
Day 2;3;4 skip
Day 5 DR solo X1
Day 6;7 skip

2nd week
Day 1 DR solo
Day 2 skip
Day 3 DR solo
Day 4 skip
Day 5 DR solo
Day 6;7 skip

till later running Day 1 to 5 DR solo and maybe after a month adding loops. I will add Elixir once the recon starts to hit. I’m not in a hurry. Hopefully running each stage for 60 days, we’ll see.

Yeah, it’s good to try to ease into this sub. Well, I didn’t but I’m a special case on here :wink:

Last question, can I listen to masked while driving, will road noice reduce the effect? Will use normal earphones for masked only.


Thank you for tagging me @Voytek! I do appreciate it!

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I just checked the PDF that you should have gotten with any purchase from the main shop. I didn’t see anything that said do not listen when you drive. However keep in mind the subliminals might be giving your brain a lot to focus on. If you notice your focus is not what it should be for safe driving, then don’t listen when driving. Only listen if you can do so safely. Also I would recommend not listening to Ultimas when driving. This is a personal preference of mine, and I don’t know if this is an official recommendation.

If you can’t hear the trickling stream, then possibly.

If you can hear the trickling stream, the subliminals are probably working just fine.

Thank you @RVconsultant, noted.:+1:

Welcome. Just my two cents here, but I wouldn’t recommend jumping right on DR and Emperor as a first stack. Those are two of the hardest to run programs here. You might want to start out with Ascension or a custom with it as your core and some modules to deal with the porn problem and start on the social issues and self esteem stuff.
The more advanced programs will still be there, and you’ll have a better time running them if you do some prep work first.

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Thx for the two cents COwolfe. I have been warned yes but it’s like when your mom told you not to touch that hot plate because you get will burned… as soon as she turns her back on you you go ahead and do it anyways. I purchased Emperor and DR beginning of this month. Currently on Emperor solo but eased into it just to get a feel, weirdly seeing some results already:). Will jump on DR solo starting April also starting out slow, not in a hurry with the results.