Main Testing Application Thread - Project: Ultima


We’re about to test the next huge thing in the subliminal market – only possible due to the existence of Q. We call it Project: Ultima, and if we’re right, you could potentially see incredibly powerful results in just a single day. To test Ultima, however, we require testers to have access to a high-end (or semi high-end) listening set up. If you have studio monitors, studio-grade headsets with a flat response (like the Sennheiser HD280 Pro or higher), or another premium listening station (please, no Beats), send me a PM with what you have and a photograph.

Please be aware that you won’t be able to run any other titles if you participate, but those who do will receive a free 10 module subliminal @ the Q store (Q, Terminus or Terminus ^ 2). The test will last roughly one week and requires you to listen to the supplied Ultima Experimental for an undetermined number of loops per day.

You can continue to listen to your stack while I review applications. Post questions and comments here.

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While we wait for Hermit to finish typing…

The mind on Ultima:


Interesting. Subliminal Audio & Visuals combined?

I’ve been using Visual subliminal’s for quiet sometime, just random affirmations, nothing near as developed compared to what Subliminal Club is providing. Oh gosh, I just realized studio monitors do not have anything to do with a computer monitor, my bad.

So onto my next question then, which subliminal are we required to listen to. Depending on the program, I might or might not be encouraged to experiment. HA, but I’m an Hermit so I’m always interested in gathering wisdom through experiences.

Just wondering, do any of the High-End Bose headphones comply? Such as the QuietComfort or Noise Canceling 700, probably not, or perhaps the latest Noise Canceling Apple earbuds. No idea what you mean by a ‘Flat Response’.

I do have some premium listening stations, as for speakers but I do not really listen ultrasonic’s, but I may. It really depends on the following question, what will you have us listen to, which program?


SubClub just keeps on innovating, sometimes even too quickly for us to keep up :stuck_out_tongue:


From there fruits, ye shall know them. Says enough about the effectiveness of there technology.


Well, how would you feel if it wasn’t any specific program but rather a script designed to result in certain effects that can be used to gauge if it is working?

In its most basic explanation, flat response means the sound-wave that goes into the speaker, comes out exactly the same. So the sound that comes out of the speaker is as true to the source material as possible. Actually quite hard to do. Lots of parts influence/interfere with the sound that comes out of a speaker.

It makes the Beats comment kind of funny.

I used to play a lot of Ultima when I was young. Does that give me an edge? :slight_smile:


Thats amazing news!! Im up for the test and already sent you a PM.

Thanks for this great oportunity!!


For what I understand if the source of the audio is a PC, notebook or any portable device, you need a good quality DAC so you can bypass de sound card of the device and send the signal unmodified (or as close as posible to its original form) to the amplifier.
Good quality amp and speakers does the rest of the trick


As long as it’s not the standard on-board audio. :slight_smile:

But if you do indeed want to bypass unsolicited processing, you could use the digital out in combination with a good receiver/amplifier, correct. The advantage of using digital outs is that it tends to use pass-through, so no application or OS will add effects to it. Just don’t look directly into the optical cable. It won’t download the sub into your head. Yet.

With laptops and probably even phones it gets even worse, there’s a lot of electromagnetic interference in those compact devices.


So I have the Sennheiser HD280 Pro and a MacBook Pro, will this be enough to qualify? Or would I need something else?

Edit: I also have the Cube 20 GX cosm if that changes something. Does this work like a DAC?


Yeah, I rip my vinyl collection into 24 bits 96 khz flac files and in order to have high quality playback I bypass the onboard audio of my notebook using a high quality DAC that allows 24/96 playback.
The DAC Takes the digital flac converts it to analog and sends it to the amp.
Its a huge difference in sound if you contrast with the onboard audio of the notebook or the shity dac of a cellphone :rofl:


And just for friday:


Vinyl, that’s those black round thingies right? :slight_smile:

I once saw a setup of a guy that used actual old-school tubes and had the convertor in another room separated by a thick wall to ensure there was no interference. The photos of that setup…


Yeah did so haha

The post was for you as you were talking about some DAC and other very technical things where I had no idea what you mean


DAC is short for Digital Analog Converter, any audio device has one, is what convert the digital info in your cellphone mp3 into the analog signal that you can hear in your headphones. Usually those dac arent that good, so theres a market for high end DACs



Real porn right there!!

Ok I wont turn this into steve hoffmans forums


Are the testers required to take any action besides listening?

Are you willing to share the overall theme of the sub (Seduction, Intelligence, Weapon X?)


In stage 1, just listening. If stage 1 works to our liking, we’ll proceed to stage 2 – which will most likely be something like StarkQ or Primal SeductionQ, but built according to Ultima specifications.


Will the testers of stage 1 also participate in stage 2?


If they want the free sub, yes. As with any test, you may drop out at any time.