Main Store Titles Requests

Similiar to the “Q Modules Requests” thread, this is where one can give ideas for any new Main Store subliminal titles that you want.

Previously, such ideas were scattered all over the forum in threads of their own or even in the module request thread.

Give your ideas for single stage, multi-stage and/or Ultimas below:


Deep sleep + relaxation. Just a module designed to make you deeply relaxed and sleepy.


You mean a title for deep sleep and relaxation, am guessing


Yep I do. lol. sorry, I need this title… did not sleep well last night! :sweat_smile:


And empty water mask title will be nice.
One rest days when you can’t really resist putting a subliminal on then you can just play the blank water mask to give your ears satisfaction.
This will also give one more discipline when it comes to doing the necessary loops and not going ove board.


The Traveller

  • For Digital Nomads, Tourists, and Migrators

  • Easy manifestation of passports, visas and required documents

  • Job prospects in other countries

  • Location independent jobs if desired

  • Safe travel

  • Manifesting friends, acquaintances and neighbors depending on the circumstances

  • Travel romances

  • Help when needed

  • Mindset to start a new life (in case of settling in a new country) or a new lifestyle (in case of being a digital nomad)

  • etc


RICH Writer Ultima



  • Detachment from codependency

  • Family supports your dreams

  • Helicopter-parent behavior destruction

  • Be free of controlling parents and gaurdians

  • Letting go of toxic friends, lovers and relatives (and they in turn losing interest in bothering us)

  • Manifest emotionally-healthy and supportive people in our lives

  • Grow in personal maturity

  • Be mentally free, independent and strong

  • Let no one or no circumstance tie you down

  • Strong willpower

  • Be loving but not a doormat

  • Acquire financial independence

  • etc


A Brazilian Jiujitsu subliminal or a MMA subliminal if possible. Single stagers.


ooh this 1 is kind shiny :star_struck:

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imagine stacking with RM :star_struck:

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I think most of these can be reached using Emperor, or maybe even Ascended Mogul.

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RICH: Sales or RICH: Persuasion

A title to be as successful as possible thru sales, influence, persuasion


i suggest that this could be a part of paragon it would be cool, rather than having a solo module for this

with paragon it will be an overall health sub with sleep envolved

i honestly think that everything that i will ever need in my lifetime is already here in subclub

im that member that thinks this is the outmost for me and i think i just need Q+ sauce and i will be happy :sunglasses:

i need a Q+ module :joy:

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I have Paragon, I want something solely focused on producing deep relaxation and deep sleep. This thread is for requesting something specific… so that’s what I did. :wink:


A title that focuses solely on Premature Ejaculation,
like Diamond does it for ED.

Utilizing all the new insights from Dragon Reborn for healing and the physical tech of the ASPS line up. Completely eradicating all hyper-sensitivity, fears and nervousness.

I see so many people here struggling with this problem. While Sex Mastery is one of my fav subs, it might be a bit too limited to heal such a deep-rooted issue (if it is one for you). And both Sex Mastery and Diamond are likely to increase your sensitivity and arousal instead of decreasing it.


Jobseeker. Brings your manifestation ability, behavior, persuasive ability, self image, and all other factors online and into alignment to get you the job you’ve been dreaming of as quickly and easily as possible.