Main Hype Thread - Emperor Fitness


Right, and that wouldn’t even be fitness.

And then there’s also the little point that literally none of the other programs here seem to be setup to work that way.

Spoiler Alert: It’s almost certainly going to be about connecting you with the vision, belief, energy and power to create, achieve and expand your own comprehensive fitness potential.

Are we not seeing the pattern here?


Good point, Spartan does seem ideal. The increased mental willpower reported by other users sounds awesome. But I’ll wait for the relevant sales page to come online before I make a decision because there are a lot of unknowns still.


Emperor Fitness + The Beast Within will be out sometime next week, followed by Mind’s Eye.


I cannot even begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to Emperor Fitness. CrossFit competitions are coming up in the Spring and I am really hoping this one puts me over the top. I’ve been holding off on listening to any subs all this month, waiting on this one.


That will be awesome :clap:- I am totally thrilled to see how the performance will be in the gym - on the golf :golf: court and so on


I hereby unofficially rename “Emperor Fitness” to “Beauty” so we can combine it with “The Beast Within” to create “Beauty and the Beast.”


Announcing “The Beast Unleashed,” a new type of supercharger that we’ve been testing for a few months now. It’s designed to help boost your workout performance through the an embedded “fast action” ultrasonic track, various frequencies and a heart thumping soundtrack. Play time will run around 20 minutes.

Emperor Fitness, The Beast Within and The Beast Unleashed should all be released late next week. You’ll be able to buy them separately, or in a bundle that we’ll announce soon. Stay tuned – we’re hard at work on the titles.


I am Just Waiting for the Release to Improve Max gym Performance and Build the Body I was always dreaming of :muscle:t2::+1:


WOW two new superchargers.
It feels like Christmas! :smiley:

What is the benefit of running The Beast Within when Unleashed seems to be better in every instance?

Also, will Unleashed cost as much as Within?


Good question


From the descriptions and from past products, here’s my guess:

The Beast Within sounds like a more traditional supercharger. It lays the foundation for developmental changes by aligning your conscious attentional/imaginal resources with the underlying subconscious processes (that are driven by the Emperor Fitness subliminal). Can be used in a hypnosis/meditation/guided imagery session. It’s preparatory. Can be used between workouts to set the right mental frame and structure

The Beast Unleashed is something new. It is a real-time supercharger to listen to as you are literally engaged in your workout. It’s processual (process-based). As in, optimizing the workout that is ‘happening right now’ in the moment.

Not better. Different. (and awesome)


^^ What he said. :wink:


So does that mean we can simply use unleashed while working out without having to use the whole emperor fitness program?


As always, you can use the suoerchargers to get a boost, but the best results will come from running the full program and regularly going to the gym.


Any trailer for Emperor Fitness? ;D


********** Coming Soon *****************************


Its the dead of Winter in Moscow. Two men sit facing one another in the old Kremlin building in Red Square.

Dmitri “Russia must win the Olympics this year failure is not an option”

Ivan “Our spies have informed us that SC are about to release Emperor Fitness to the public”

Dimitri “How dare they offer the common person the chance to become super human athletes”

Putin storms into the Kremlin building and slams his fist on the table.

“You will bring me the source code to Emperor Fitness and bring me these two american fools who dare to threaten our motherland at the games”

Dimitri smiles "I have already dispatched “Victor, Drago and Tatiana to eliminate these two meddling american fools”

WILL EMPEROR FITNESS fall into the hands of the evil russians ? or will the world get a chance to experience emperor fitness ??


@blackadder I think you should be employed by SC, you can write their marketing emails :slight_smile:


:rofl: … and good plot twist is: those two guys are double-agents, that work for both US and Mother Russia :smile:

Do you know why Trump won the election? :wink:

(Mild paranoia is shivering on forum).

Bu-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! :smiling_imp:

P.S. jokes aside, I would not use politics here.


I am pretty excited about the new superchargers The Beast Unleashed. I would love to have such supercharger for QL that you can use WHILE you study / read something without the need to mediate before. But not sure how well this would work as you would loose focus.



What does everyone else think? :wink: