Main Discussion Thread - Weapon X


Weapon X is BACK with a Vengeance:

When @Fire and I started SubliminalClub, our main mission was to see how far we could push human potential. While we’ve had a lot of fun building other titles, we want to refocus a bit on our original goal.

The first Weapon X test was supposed to start this weekend, but we didn’t get enough volunteers. We’re putting out another general call for testers. Those who are selected and complete all of the required tasks will receive a 50% off coupon for the subliminal of their choice. Note: Those who tested NDDK and didn’t receive their coupon, please message me.

Those of you who participated in NDDK are welcome to join, but you’ll need to let me know by the end of the week. Others who want to apply should PM me. Keep in mind that we’re going to be much more strict and rigorous regarding testing protocol. You will be required to perform a light “physical” test that you can do from your home and will take about 15 minutes a day. This test simply requires you to put on headphones, look at pictures, listen to sounds and then answer the various prompts.


I’m interested in testing this. What do I have to do? Also since it’s fitness; I’ll use it for my training routines.


I volunteeer as tribute


Send me a PM please (just so I can keep track of everyone that signed up).


Testing is still on the way. Khan’s release drained us both (@Fire literally spent an entire week, 10-12 hours a day getting this thing out), so we slowed down for a few days to make sure everything’s good. We’ll get the first test going ASAP.


Oh shit! Chill as long as ya need


The Weapon X test subliminal (ssX) is here! I’ve written down the names of everyone that applied and official invitations into the program will be sent out tomorrow. Also, those who participated in NDDK but didn’t receive their coupons will receive them tomorrow.




The invites are going out today?


The biggest weapon is the anticipation. It’s murder. :slight_smile:


ssX testing has begun! If you were accepted, you should see a new private forum titled “Experimental Testing” on the main page. Inside, there’s a thread with instructions for ssX.

If you weren’t accepted, don’t be offended – we actually just hit our max this time around. We may end up testing this publicly eventually. For those who were accepted for NDDK, you still have access to the test. If you don’t want to test, please let me know, so I can let someone else take that spot.

In a few days, I’m going to see who has provided feedback and who hasn’t. Those who aren’t participating will be removed and others allowed in.



How do you deal with “phantom” expectations? What I mean is, if you tell people what it’s supposed to do, they’re going to look for signs confirming that. But if you don’t tell them what it’s supposed to do, they’ll imagine what it’s supposed to do and find evidence of that. F-ed if you do, f-ed if you don’t…

I imagine you would compile as many results as possible and look for commonalities.


This test pretty much has a “pass / fail” state. Either it works and it’s very obvious, or it doesn’t and it’s very obvious.


Can i still get in?


Will weapon X titles ever get updated or remade like gaming mastery or muay thai mastery


Saint said we might see a Boxing Mastery X soon!