Main Discussion Thread - Sanguine (Stack Module)


Introducing Sanguine (AVAILABLE NOW), a stacking module designed specifically to target your ability to keep your optimism and power in all possible situations. Use this stacking module and you will see a new ability to brush off negative events and keep on pushing forward.

The ability to be optimistic in the worst of situations. The ability to keep your power in conflict. That is what it means to be Sanguine.

How many times did you feel like you are getting beaten down by circumstances of life? How many times did you feel that you would benefit from keeping your cool?

No matter the storm, you will be in the eye of it. You will have complete and utter confidence that whatever happens, you will be able to handle it, and you will proceed to do so with a newfound ease of spirit.

That is not all Sanguine does though. Sanguine will also instill in you a powerful inner confidence and a complete trust in yourself and your abilities, while simultaneously making you more joyful and happier.

You will appreciate your talents more and be completely free to express the full range of your knowledge, now that you fully trust yourself.

Are you ready to become… Sanguine?

If so, order now.


Apparently I am a problem child. Ordered Sanguine and it is not available in my downloads.


You’re not a problem child. I’m just sleep deprived (@Fire and I literally worked like 16 hours non-stop) and forgot to link the files, hahaha. Give me 10 minutes and you’ll be able to download.


Awesome, I love Sanguine in Primal!

Is this one based on the PrimalTech v2 / A New Dawn hybrid? @Fire


Was waiting for this good work Sovereign.


Yes, it is.


@Fire apologises if this might seem a stupid question can Sangria be stacked with Regeneration.

My plan is to run emperor during the day with Sangria and then run Regeneration alongside Sangria at night.


Sangria is a drink, haha.

Yes, you can stack Sanguine with Regeneration. It will make you generally calmer and more stoic.


Thanks Apologises for the typo :slight_smile:


Was the new dawn technology used?


So Sanguine was included in PRIMAL. That makes more sense since I’m very relaxed and calm when I ran PRIMAL during the daytime. It helped when I was going through a job interview a few weeks back since I was running PRIMAL in the background during the interview. It kind of gave me the IDGAF attitude and more of an outcome independent mentality.

I’m going to stack it with Ascended Mogul in the daytime during work, especially when having to deal with the office politics and drama from others. It would be great to see how much better I can react in these situations.


@Fire will Sanguine work well with Regeneration? Or would they have opposite goals, since Regeneration brings difficult emotions to the surface, while Sanguine brings joy and confidence to the surface.


@AMASH this is a.good question.


Yes – Sanguine should work exceptionally well with Regeneration. Sanguine doesn’t “mask” the negative feelings – it teaches you to be resilient against them and channel that energy into positive action.


Are parts of Sanguine inside of Regeneration already? I’d think it essential to help keep one’s mind from going the same old paths of self discouragement when confronted with old memories and feelings.


Yes, Sanguine is part of the standard script.


Thank you Saint