Main Discussion Thread - Limit Destroyer


Destroying your limits sounds powerful, doesn’t it?

It is.

The Limit Destroyer, a module that has a very specific purpose in mind - destroying the limitations you have internalized.

These could be beliefs along the lines of “I am not good enough”, “I cannot do this”, or even “she is too good for me”. Limitations we have can manifest in many scenarios.

If this sounds familiar, the Limit Destroyer stacking module will be a powerful addition to your stack. Not only will it remove anything that is limiting you, it will also have a positive effect on any subliminal you run it with, making it run more effectively by destroying any limiting beliefs that appear related to the actual process of running subliminals.

It can be used with any subliminal and it will help in removing the limitations of the area the subliminal is meant for and it will keep you from creating any new unnecessary limitations.

It is time to destroy your limits.

Order now.


Oh damn, I just bought this thinking it was a pre-order and it’s already out! I was just commenting about limiting beliefs on @FireInTheSoul’s journal and as soon as I saw this I didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger because even though I’ve conquered most of my limiting beliefs, they do come up from time to time and it will be great to have a weapon to crush them with, You and @Fire are on a rampage!


This is a welcome addition I like the sound of this one.


Thank you so much!


I was wondering, how is this different / how does it work differently compared to Rebirth?

@SaintSovereign cc @Fire

Initial Review:
While Rebirth is a “heavy” stacking module to run, Limit Destroyer seems to be smooth, and the subliminals I ran after it felt smooth, without much mild reconciliation. But this is the first couple of runs. The future will reveal more.


Different method of achieving the same goal. Rebirth reframes, LD tunnels through, using a very unique method designed to minimize reconciliation.


So is LD in a way stronger than rebirth? Would it work well with emperor ex?


@AMASH, have you noticed any internal or external changes since running LD?


Stronger? No. Different method of action, but not “stronger.” It’s like attacking the same problem from multiple sides. Yes, it’ll work with Emperor Ex. All of our stack modules will.


I did not yet. I noticed internal changes, a lot of them with Rebirth.

However, I expect LD’s changes to be more with going for things I used to think I could not have before. Which means I need to face situations where normally limiting beliefs pop up, and notice that they did not. This did not happen yet.


@SaintSovereign I sent you a message regarding Limit Destroyer


So are the stacking modules all based on elements of the standard script that is part of all the major programs?


Yes. They’ve been modified a bit to work standalone, but for the most part, yes.



Does LD dig deep to destroy or perhaps circumvent “karmic” past-life/destiny-type limitations ? (for sake of discussion let’s pretend karma is real)


So having them standalone gives them far more impact than hearing them once as they are played each time you run through one of the major programs, right? Are they looped multiple times to fill the 30 minutes? Is other scripting added to optimize and make them more powerful in the standalone versions?


Rebirth would be better for this – assuming it exists.


Yes, as there’s less to process. Some are looped, some are actually pretty long. Can’t reveal which due to trade secret issues. Primal Tech v2 changes the game completely, however. No other scripting in the current versions. Primal Tech v2 changes the game.


Is the full script of LD included in any major sub?


Yes it is included probably in all major subs


“Primal Tech v2”… That’s like Tony Stark’s suit in Avengers 1…