Main Discussion Thread - Godlike Masculinity


This one makes me a bit concerned in terms of what people might try to do as far as stacks go :stuck_out_tongue:


Ya i agree with you on that, though it would be cool to be able to pick more modules lol maybe another 10-20. But by the time you pick another 10-20 you might aswell just leave out the base and make a complete custom sub lol


I would NOT mind if the module limit was just set as-is, but with a much higher throughput. That still encourages subs to be focused on something.


Yeah same here, like the concept of 20 modules max might be limiting, but at the same times it forces you to makes choices!


Saint and Fire are trying to build subs that you only have to run once a month :joy:


First rule of Ubertech is we do not speak of Ubertech. Nothing to see here…


Hopefully the new tech is like terminus, use libU standard to start and be used to the sub, experimental starts at intermediate or advanced.

This is a concept I encountered a few years ago while gaming, most games cater to beginners, and require the user to make the game more difficult through artificial difficulty.


So much speculation here, is there a date?

If we assume it was 12 days it woulf means next friday :thinking: