Main Discussion Thread - Godlike Masculinity


Available NOW.

Power, strength, ambition, character, discipline, dominance.

All traits that describe a masculine man.

And Godlike Masculinity was created to bring out these qualities in you, and not only bring them out, but develop them in the most natural way for you.

This stacking module will allow you to add a powerful masculine edge to any subliminal you run it with. It will help you shape your inner state into a more masculine one, where you are in complete charge of whatever is to come.

But, this module isn’t called Masculinity, but Godlike Masculinity, and this isn’t a random company, but Subliminal Club, where we advance human potential.

We aren’t talking simple development and refinement of masculine qualities, we are talking about elevating them as high as is possible and then beyond, to the Godlike levels, where your word is law.

Godlike Masculinity will take you from where you are now and show you what it is to be a god amongst men.

But it doesn’t deal just in developing your qualities – it also will destroy anything that inhibits your masculine expression, including negative beliefs, negative emotions and limitations.

It is time to take the next step forward.

Order now.


Thank you @SaintSovereign and @Fire. I was looking forward to this!

I will be curious to see how this SM shapes Primal.


Thanks guys! I will buy this module imediately.

Would this playlist become too dense?

Godlike masculinity

I listen to Primal and Ascension during the night. I’m not sure how often I will run the other 2 subs.



Rebirth and Godlike masculinity are subliminals but just one simple(expanded module). They are already part of most Major Programmes(afaik).

I would also put Rebirth behind in your playlist, not sure what’s the best for Godlike Masculinity though. :slight_smile:

I’m sure @SaintSovereign or @Fire will tell us


I agree. I believe Stacking Modules are not considered full subs. So you @afc22 are basically running 2 MPs: Ascension and Primal. The rest are stacking modules, they emphasize things that are already in those subs.


Yeah I was aware oft the fact that it is a Module, so I also wouldn’t expect any problems. Just wanted to make sure.


Will this also work with limitless ?


Yes. Stacking modules will work with any stack.


No, as others have said, stacking modules are much smaller than the major programs, meaning you can run more of them. There’s a time cost, though, if you gave limited time during the day to listen. I’d actually double up on the stack modules.


What do you mean with “doubling up on the stacking modules” @SaintSovereign? Do you mean they are so important and powerful we should listen to them almost as often as the major programs and give them a high priority?


I mean in his case, since he has extra space, listen to the tracks twice.


Yeah I will definitly try to listen to each module 2 times.

Would adding SS become too much? I heard that it should work great together with Primal, and I already bought it a while ago.


Can I use this in my playlist, which is just started today…

Mogul v2
Mogul v2
Primal XXX
Sex & Seduction


It’s a dense stack, yes, but you’ll see some results. It’ll just be a bit more diffused. Remember, the more focused the stack, the better the results.


You should be okay adding a loop of S&S to your stack.


I am running many subs too
My playlists are like this
Libertine bonus
Libertine bonus

The reason I put each subs twice or triple in row is because I thought playing one sub for only once and skip to next sub would be powerless to guide my subconcious .So I made my playlist like this. I am a university student and I am in vacation now. I can listen to it more than 20hours if no special events.
So this is my playlist.
But as seen your recommendation to other guy.
Should I change my playlist like this?
Libertine bonus

I want to hear your recommendation @SaintSovereign and @Fire
Thank you

P.S Last few days I am having slight of headache. It seems to me that headache actully occurs when I was not listening to subs. But it still lasts even when I start to hear subs again.
Can this be something you call reconclilation?
I feel some anxiety and anger too but this does not happen everyday. It does someday
Usually I don’t dream much while I am sleeping.
But I am having dreams since 3days ago.


Yes, you’d probably get better results with this stack. Our subliminals are modular, meaning most of them (even the ones that don’t seem like they would) build upon one another. So, even when you’re switching from one “topic” to another, the modules still overlap – they’re just targeted differently. What this all means for the end user is that they can go from “topic” to “topic” without losing too much momentum.


What do you think about this playlist stack?

Emperor extreme
Mogul v2
Limitless X


It’s a good stack – if you have time, toss a Godlike Masculinity in just before Limitless X.


Thank you for the advice … would you add Aura in there too?

And also will emperor ex be getting an upgraded version?