Main Discussion Thread - Emperor v2


It’s here, everyone. Emperor v2 has arrived. Just like the other upgraded titles, Emperor v2 has all upgraded technologies, including PrimalTech and Dominion build. v2 is a free upgrade for those who have purchased it and should already be in your downloads.



Awesome… Thank you guys so much

So dumb question but will it manifest faster than emperor ex?


Yep. It’s PrimalTech.


Damn you guys are on a roll! Congrats on the upgrade!


So I have downloaded both the ultrasonic and masked versions and ultrasonic is one hour and sixteen minutes while masked is 40.

Is this correct?


Can i use emperor 2 in combination with Primal?. I know this might be a silly question but I am afraid that Emperor will override Primal.


Holy mother of God, this is a huge surprise. Emperor v1 has already exceeded my expectations, so I can’t wait to see what v2 can do after a month or two. Thank you so much for doing this.


Really quickly I also want to thank you guys for not removing v1 from my account like someone else does. I doubt I’ll go back to v1 after trying the upgrade, but I really appreciate that you give your customers the choice to decide for ourselves.


Thank you so much! You guys are on fire!

The hardest working AND the most advanced guys in the game!


Fire and Sovereign How about you guys tell us alittle about your backgrounds and how you ended up creating the most advanced subs in the world?


I wonder what the differences are compared to the previous version. I wish there was a changelog. You could also put it on the product page as an added sales copy piece.

I heard Emperor v1 was quite heavy hitting so to speaking. Is this new version softer in a way? And maybe because of that more effective? I just downloaded it and started to listen. I feel it might be easier to absorb.


Yes, this is correct.


If masked is 40minute and ultrasonic is hour and sixteen than We can listen many more times with masked in same time. So does it mean playing by masked would be much more efficient? @Fire


This seems to be about the standard length for several of the new releases.
Curious how all scripts fit in the same time window.


So what accounts for the large difference in length between ultrasonic and masked?


Who knows. Just gonna have to try it out and see. :sweat_smile:


So besides time there is no difference between emperor masked and ultrasonic?


Power-wise, no. Primal Tech + Dominion is an… “odd” build, which leads to the different times. The formats have always had different lengths, it’s just that this one is a bit more dramatic for reasons.


I will replace Emperor v1 with this v2 in my playlist now. So, it will now look like below:

Emperor v2
Emperor v2
Mogul v2
Mogul v2
Primal XXX
Sex & Seduction

What exactly is the difference between Emperor v1 and v2 ?
The sales page has the description of v1 yet…

Why is masked 40 minutes and ultrasonic 1 hr 16 minutes ?


My Emperor dwnloads have completely wanished from profile again. Could you add the new one to my account? (I have all of the older ones)

P.S. if the ultrasonic is 76 minutes and masked is 40, does that mean listening to masked version would give more of an advantage (almost double the input) given the same time frame?