Main Discussion Thread - Ascension v2


Happy New Year, everyone! We’re pleased to announce that Ascension v2 is now available! v2 has all the latest upgrades and additions, including PrimalTech and Dominion build. As promised, it’s a free upgrade for those who have already purchased, and the price remains $34.99 for those ready to jump in!



Thank you! This is great news!


Thanks! You have no idea how happy I am with this. The funny thing is that today I thought about how I hoped that you would upgrade Ascension.


@SaintSovereign what does the difference in builds mean?


It’ll be much more effective and the subconscious will be able to perceive it better.


How long is Ascension V2?


It’s 76 minutes @dorfmeister. I began listening to it about 2 hours ago, and it’s smooth. I was around a number of people while out doing my laundry, and one guy, who I’d not spoke to the entire time, said “Have a good evening sir” as he left. Something is working nicely in v.2.

I’d been listening to Ascension Ex Machina all day (a first for me), and I was a bit stressed, knowing it was moving thoughts around. As soon as I began listening to v.2, I relaxed. My tension disappeared. Nice.

I made a playlist of only 2 loops of v.2 with 2 loops of Rebirth to test its effects. I’ll share on it later.


@SaintSovereign, is any sleep programming included in Ascension like Emperor has?

Tying in with that, v.1 is still showing on the sales page. Will any additions be named in the new description?

Thank you for your help.


@subliminalguy I have been listening to Rebirth twice daily and Mogul V2 since its release. I just added Ascension V2 in a stack that I’m going to run with Mogul V2. I’m still feeling a bit anxious but nowhere near as much. I’m definitely not feeling stress like I did even a few days ago. The main downside if it can be called one is that I have literally lost interest in everything that isn’t moving me closer to my goals. Television , movies, YouTube, or the net just bore the absolute fuck out of me now.


How do you download it?


It’s already in your downloads.


SaintSovereign you are a legend in the making mate


I can’t seem to download V2, maybe it’s my browser.


Well I can’t seem to find how to download it.


Go to -> My Account -> Downloads, you should find it there.


Nevermind had to use another browser to download it.


Wow, v2 is a LOT more powerful. I’d been running Ascension Ex Machina then Emperor Standard at night for the last 3 months, with Ascension Ex Machina during the day when I could squeeze it in. I didn’t notice any reconciliation on Ascension past the first 1-2 weeks. Tried running v2, it’s like I never ran Asc/Emp at all. The same tiredness and irritability I felt the first few days I ran Ascension Ex Machina is back. Looking forward to the changes it produces!


@JLG1 long time no see. How are you?


Doing fine, been pretty busy lately. Now that the holidays are over will be visiting the forum more often still running my subliminals and trying out the new V2.


It’s funny a few weeks back I was wishing for a masked version of ascend and it manifested :slight_smile:.

Now I am going to ask the universe to manifest SS 2.1 masked :blush: