Main Disc. Thread - Ultima Stage 3

Ultima Stage 3 testing has commenced! This stage has special requirements, and you must meet at least ONE of them:

  • You live with someone and you regular have sexual contact with this person. Relationship status doesn’t matter – they can be a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, friends with benefits, roommate whom you sleep with, etc. Sexual orientation does not matter.
  • You DON’T live with this person, but you still have regular sexual contact with them. Same requirements as above. And by regular, I mean regular. Once or twice a week.
  • Your job or some other duty requires you to be around members of the gender you’re attracted to on a regular basis and you have been performing this duty / attending to a job before this test began. We’re in the middle of a pandemic, please don’t break the ordinances of your local government to test a title that, if successful, will be released anyway.

When you apply, simply tell me which you qualify for. You don’t need to provide details unless you wish to do so. I’m expecting to receive a ton of applications – those who are accepted will be expected to finish the test in its entirety. Failure to do so will exclude you from future tests, as we need good, clean data. Do not apply just to try and get early access. We’re serious, we will exclude you.

For the duration of the test, you must agree to cease all other subliminal audios. The test will last for 1-2 weeks depending on results. If they are immediate, we will move to production and the test will end. You’ll also need to post your experiences on a daily basis.

PM me if you know for sure that you want to test.


Hold on, let me go and club somebody over the head and drag her into my man-cave. Be right back!

And no, guessing correctly what the goal of this sub is won’t get you free stuff. It’s just too easy…


Welp this eliminates me from joining this test group

Remember, you don’t need to meet all of them.

This sounds very interesting and I do meet the first and third requirements, thanks for this generous offer.
This time I wont ask to be a tester, Im about to recieve my new custom and I want to use it badly :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Sounds like Sex Mastery Ultima. Pinging @Elme. :slight_smile:


With qualification number three there, it sounds like there might be more to it than that. This could be interesting.

Sex Mastery or…possibly Sex God Ultima…:thinking:

I’m still in a monogamous relationship to my Q’s and Custom, but might have to open up the relationship for this one.


@pacman you gonna give this a shot ??

oh damnn…I don’t qualify

I want to try

1,2 and 3 points are all legitimate for me. 2 point strong.

Checking out if I have enough time for non-stop 14 days journaling.

Actually thinking about hitting up the one girl
I just turned down, she would make the perfect candidate for that test :slight_smile:

There will be no further reward like in the Ultima test, correct?

There is just something inherently sexy about participating in the subclub experiments

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Thanks for pinging me @Simon. I would miss this. Ill gladly test it :muscle::muscle::muscle:how can i ask to apply?


Send a dm to @HypeDaddySovereign stating which of the 3 conditions mentioned at the beginning of this thread apply to you.

Read the original post.

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I would have applied for this test, but my maid contracted fever…so me and my mom have gone into voluntary quarantine and can’t go out for a while that unfortunately coincides with the period of testing. :frowning :frowning:

On the natural winner side, I received my custom today! weee…

I hope i can rejoin from stage 4!

@HypeDaddySovereign, there will be more stages right?

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Looks like it… hmm… better to get it before the free upgrade?:thinking:

This might be the last one that needs testing. :frowning: