Main Disc. Thread - The Executive



I’m glad someone made this. My question, I’m sure it’s been answered however I can’t find it (I’ve searched) is:

Has The Executive been updated since it was released to us in the testing stages? Or is it the same Ultima? If the former then I’ve had it for a while and will be testing it again I assume. I’ve just made a journal entry on feeling lost and using Executive to take action on my goals, so hopefully it helps.


I finished an entire book in this morning.


@Brandon I posted a link . Its new so you have to go through the process as if you were purchasing it.


I’ll try it tommorrow, so I’ll post here the results.


Changed the name of the thread, as I was going to make one like this today.


Any reason why you guys decided to make this free just curious because I would think a action taking sub/ productivity sub would sell really well ? Having said that I’m grateful for this for being free


@Grimm1390, “free for a limited time.”

I also think this is a good way for us to introduce new people to SubClub, if that’s what we want to do.


The Executive is a gift, it was a experimental, and they decided to give it away! But it’s a damn great gift. Cherish it!


Oh okay I didn’t even read the description I didn’t even download it yet. I def agree this is a good way for people on the fence about sub club to get a little taste to see if it’s right for them or not before spending money. Kinda like how ascension lite was


Wonder if that diego guy is gonna try this out lmao


It’s time to start introducing more people to the power of subliminal audio. The Executive is the perfect title start with.


Just for fun, here’s the quickie 5-minute cover art I made for The Executive for my phone.



This picture could be triggering for those on nofap my friend :rofl:


Executive-Chan is testing your iron will, friend


There is a certain joy and fun when working toward a goal. No pressure, just working.


Because of marketing, making it limited edition is scarcity marketing and then also a free purchase for referral marketing. Think about it, every is always working on something, resulting in a high-demand for productivity.

I referred more people then I can count to Subliminal Club, and not always someone ends up purchasing a product, merely because of there skepticism and programming. Now imagine sending those people to a free-product where of it’s effects will be easily measured (productivity, drive, ambition) and straight-after listening. They’ll be set ready to buy more products and enhance there lives tremendously now that there skepticism is completely debunked.

Sending Executive to all my friends who’re somewhat open-minded and into self-development.


OMG ! This Executive is fantastic ! When listening to it, I was getting sleepy but at 42 minutes I kind of heard a voice in my head telling me to WAKE UP ! Now I am in a focused mindset. I have rarely been so concentrated before (3 hours after listening to the file). Thanks again @SaintSovereign and @Fire !


and I forgot, a strong feeling of self confidence …


I’m starting it now, let’s see what happens.

I wonder if there will be people (ab)using it like coffee. Getting a new shot whenever the effects start to wear off until eventually they crash.