Main Disc. Thread - Spartan ZP

Spartan ZP now available. If you’ve purchased it in the past, the ZP upgrade is already available in your downloads!


alright I’m pretty sure people are going to ask this, so I’m just quickly posting it here so we can get it out of the way,

Spartan ZP’s physical tech;
better than WANTED ZP for fitness? or is it the same exact strength, just more focused on the muscular system and stuff?


I did my first loop as soon as I got to work this morning. First impressions are that I feel like took some pre-workout.

The surge of energy came about 10 minutes into the track and it’s still going strong two hours later.

I’ll probably workout at noon then break my fast.

I feel disciplined and confident.


@invictus let’s see what they say.

From what I understand they have not perfect physical shifting Yet…

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I know, but when it does get perfected, it would mean that both WANTED and Spartan would get that upgrade too, since currently, the subs are still in a public preview, right?
but if the focus on fitness is stronger here, then I think it would be better for us specifically, and others who want similar physical shifting power as WZP, but more focused towards fitness goals.

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Yes both will be upgraded. And regarding pure physical shifting I wonder SC has to say about a pure HERO title (that title name is looking more and more likely with how they’ve picked common words in all caps lately)

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Was wondering the same this. Is physical shifting tech in Spartan ZP? @SaintSovereign


@SaintSovereign Spartan is basically all about discipline and mental fortitude correct?

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Spartan will be my third zp in my stack… im just waiting for the solace version


For muay thai should I get Spartan to take advantage of ZP tech or should I just stick to Muay Thai Mastery X?

I think you should get Spartan

Yes. Not a lot.


Thanks for reminding me. Gotta rebuild Spartan and Sage.


Spartan ZP should be updated to the Solace mask now.


I don’t own Wanted or Spartan, so this question is purely academic, but… why not? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I know denser titles like EF and Wanted would feature more comprehensive physical shifting, of course, but Spartan seems like it would be well suited to it as well. Back in the day, before EF, I considered Spartan to be the physical health/fitness sub and have always intended to include it in any health-related custom or stack I ever did. It says “build muscle” right in the description under the title, after all.

I’m thinking of the results @Invictus got with Wanted ZP which was compared to a cycle of RAD140. Just based on the results, I’d think that sounds more like the description of Spartan.


Spartan seems like a very badass sub,

peak of human physical potential, greek god warrior strength, stamina, endurance, speed, mentality and discipline

I might have to get on this Spartan ZP and become a monster in the gym


does “physical shifting tech” really even matter?
if you are pushing the reality through the user,

your physicality is part of your reality, its the same as anything else

idk if you need a specific tech for that

ZP might supersede everything


Physical shifting scripting does speed things up, but still uses physical pathways of manifestation. Your muscles just don’t grow out of nowhere, the body still has to breakdown that muscle to rebuild it stronger. When you push too much, the side effects have the potential to become dangerous. That’s why we loaded the changes with every safety we could think of, plus turned down the power. You’ll get good results, but you’ll still have to workout.

Remember what happened with Crossfitters a few years back. While those insane workouts can yield outstanding results, you also run the risk of rhabdomyolysis.


Absolutely, that makes sense. :+1:t2:

Perhaps I misunderstood then - my question was based on a perception that there is less physical shifting in Spartan than in Wanted, which didn’t make sense to me. Did I read that wrong?

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I think he was replying to @Luther24 and quoted you instead :thinking: