Main Disc. Thread - Quintessence: Zero Point (Experimental) (Part 2)

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Lmao first :rofl:
I’m the king now :sunglasses:


second :slight_smile:


First 10001 khan :rofl:


I didn’t know the board can’t handle more than 10k :grin::grin:


Come on I posted first :rofl:

Damn why is your name in the first post though :rofl:

Brother use your brain a bit
I am actually under the exact opposite of that impression
That is what make my point(microdozing the ZP) valid

Damn Im late

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This is your last reply you’re getting from me before you’re blocked from me seeing your continual stupidity, again.

You asked for my opinion on using 9 subs. I said no.

Guess what? Saint, Fire, RV, Dark and ANYONE else will say no.


Because it has ALWAYS been a maximum of three subs. At least since I started. I know we had boosters, hence things like Ascension Chamber etc. but it has never been up to 9 different subs.

Edit: Boosters in Ultima format, but they were boosters and not 9 main subs. There was also rules about it. What do you not get?

You’re playing Lawyer Games and trying to surpass it.

You’re asking the same question in different ways to get past listening to 9 different subs when you really don’t need to.

You also irritate and annoy plenty of people on the forum. I literally unblocked you yesterday and you’re already irritating me.


Damn. I wanted to be post 10,000!


Pretty sure I use enough when the difference in our IQs is more than 50 points :rofl:

your point isn’t valid until you get the approval from @SaintSovereign.
Now, as for your “big brain” conclusions you made earlier, as well as your question on running so many subs, all I’ll say is this:

stop being desperate

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Lmfaoooo ive never seen this before. The ZP launch was to big for the forum to handle in one topic.


That’s what I always thought !! That’s why I am confused for the time reducing from 1 hour to 15 m .

So whats your impression or what do you know about this ?


We tested an hour, 30 mins and 15 mins of the primer if my memory serves me right

I think he genuinely believes it is working for him. And possibly a mix of wishful thinking. But the wishful thinking part is from my experience.

That’s really cool. Do you have any physical shifting subliminals that are working for you in this heavy stack? Like WANTED?

Am sure you can answer politely from a place of power regardless of how others act. Maybe we need Politness Can Corrupt ZP lol.

We all are human anyways. Even I make mistakes which makes it easy for me to empathise :pray:


Please for the love of subs, peace and harmony.


I don’t know how much I can even say, but ZP subs aren’t just “ZP primer + objective scripting”, if that’s what it was, Saint would have easily told people to listen certain parts of the subs if they couldn’t handle it.

Also, most of the people here seem to be ignoring a very crucial point: The ZP tech has been getting upgrades with every title release.


Fire is typing! Am eagerly waiting to listen to what he has to say.


It’s your problem when you get irritated not mine. Especially observing the fact that you use words like stupidity and everything. And I really could not care less about you blocking me. Cuz you unhide and read my comment. Yes you did it now :))
And again as I said
I do what I want
I listened to 8-13 ZP titles for 21 days every other day
And I just put the rest days since saint really convinced and influenced me by his words.
He can “not answer” me in the forum and it’s totally ok
Cuz it’s not a support hub.
It’s 9 titles but 5 minutes of them
Use your brain!!!

You learn something new everyday :wink:


Me and u took mensa test and we both got 92+mensa is not valid for me

And yes I am fuuuuccccckiiing desperate