Main Disc. Thread - QTKS: Custom Subliminals In Your Own Voice

I know you wrote this to, Saint.

You have deep thoughts, as always.

While you are waiting, here are some things to think about.

Charm and humor can be a strong points. Often when people are in groups, they might have worries about being accepted, and you are probably the one in the group who makes people feel at ease.

Now let’s do a thought experiment. What if someone was hired to follow you around, and at a time when you least expect it, when your guard is down, said something negative about you, your body, your gender, how you look, etc. Then when it shocked you, they said “Just joking”. Might be funny at first. Over time, what do you think it might do to your self esteem? What about how much you trust what that person says if they are back pedaling with “just joking”? What emotions might get slowly associated with your identity over time because it gets repeated?

In other words, how important do you think your internal self-talk is?

I give women near asthma attacks, as you pointed out. And you’re getting people close to choking. I’m seeing a breathing theme here. :thinking:


Current results for what?

Huh? I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that. Am I missing something?

I’m guessing because you probably hear your own voice when thinking

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gave me shivers… Quite a terrible person to be around. (not that they are terrible but I can now see the strong effect it would have on me)

Thank you for this feedback consultant!
Quite powerful

Yeah we subclub peeps are so OP we are now reserving all the air for us. The weak lungs of a normie are no longer worthy of oxygen and they know it. :sunglasses:


Try looking up terms like:
cognitive behavior therapy cognitive distortions
Cognitive Behavioral Thought Records
Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Rational Responses
ABCDE thought records

Here is an example of one ABCDE thought record:

Read a bit, and you’ll know what to do.

That pretend someone who was hired to follow you around represents an inner voice.

I’ll give you a little clue about all this. That whole post above, even your updates, sounds like a page from my journal when I was in college… or as others might say “while attending uni”.


That is definitely at basic needs level.

I have this in Genesis as well, wealth feels within my grasp… and while I don’t have it yet it feels so natural to see where it is, how to get it, and basically negative feelings that prevented me from taking action are removed.

Only thing I’m wondering right now if I will feel the same sense of accomplishment and appreciation when I finally have it.


thank you - just finished fulling it out. I feel like Im moving mountains! Im always grateful for your input consultant! I hope you’re day is just as full of awesome and fruitful as mine :slight_smile:



I think you earned a new name



Any more early results you wanna hype us with… I really wanna hear more crazy results people are getting lol


It’s hard to hype. The results are very personal in a way that’s hard to explain to everyone without revealing the private details of the testers. What’s happening is so different than what normally happens that we don’t quite know how to present it to everyone yet. I just know that I’ve seen some incredible breakthroughs from people already. I may ask the testers if they are open to discussing how their customs work publicly, while still reporting to us in private.


I want! :blush:


I want it too lol

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you can present it as a picture, sometimes a picture is of more than a thousand words :slight_smile:


I’ve asked a few of the testers if they’d be willing to take questions and discussion and they agreed. Those individuals are @Malkuth, @Invictus, and @Brandon. Note that given the private and sensitive nature of the QTKS results, they may not discuss the personal aspects in detail as they are also reporting privately. But, they can help answer questions you may have about the build itself. Because QTKS seems to be quite the experience.


I kinda figured @Invictus was a tester as he has been quiet lately and he closed his last journal lol.

Can they tell us what customs they are running?

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@SaintSovereign are you using IA ElevenLabs to clone the voice?


Yet another title or situation that either isn’t for me or currently out of my ability to afford at this time. That said I am happy for everyone who can take advantage of this new opportunity


When are you going to let us know about the results QTKS testers got?