Main Disc. Thread - PROJECT: A Chorus Is Rising


I’ve got quite a few messages asking where I’ve been for the past few days. It’s a two-part answer. First, I took a short leave of absence / vacation to binge play Final Fantasy 7 Remake (and yes, it’s as amazing as I imagined). Second… to make preparations for something that no other subliminal company has ever done.

More information later this week, but… feel free to take guesses.


I have no idea what this means but hell I am excited


Since it contains chorus I’m guessing it has to do with voices.

Will we be able to record our own voices for Q?


A subliminal technology for connecting to and working on a collective consciousness. :slight_smile:


The name reminds me of an idea I’ve had, an app that masks subs with whatever sound you want, for me it’d be my fav music. feed it the audio file/the song and choose a subclub sub, that’d be amazing.


Like a mother ship from the skyline franchise?


A subliminal to focus all users on having a certain effect on the world. As in the same effect as collective prayer, visualization, or intention. My guess would be it’s virus B gone.


Does it have to do with FF? Like mana or something?


A subliminal technology for all users listening to the same sub to reap the benefits based on collective exposure time?


yes virus be gone


A technology that automatically uploads everything into the subconscious wherein the subconscious does not in any way block the message and simply accepts it as truth thereby preventing any form of reconciliation?


This sounds like NevilleGoddardQ.


That level sub where the subconscious accepts it as truth right away would be so powerful the CIA would 100% use it to brainwash people :laughing:


Based on my research, this could be a reference to Final Fantasy 14 and the quest “The rising chorus”.

In that quest, Midgardsormr is stripping you out of the Mothercrystal’s blessing of light (destroying your safety net when you die) and is watching and following you while being vanished.

I concluded that this Project could be about destroying all the limits that are holding you back, or about letting you find your true purpose also by stripping down all the bad programming. Maybe even both. However, the only hint we got is that this project is about “something that no other subliminal company has ever done”.

Maybe we are not talking about a subliminal then?


I have no idea about Final Fantasy so I decided to join a discord server with the solely purpose for ask for the meaning of the quest and especially why this quest is called like that.

Sooooo… All people said that is has something to do with the dragonsong that rallied the dragons back into taking action. Older dragons songs can rally lesser dragons to their cause. In this case, “the rising chorus” is a dragon song becoming louder and louder and thereby more powerful.

I think we are coming closer here :wink:


I’d bet that they already have that.


I think SaintS’ comment regarding something that hasn’t been done before connects with that other Easter Egg that he dropped of a picture that looks like a VR headset I think… VR subliminals using images/video in addition to sound for an even greater sensory input… Could be awesome!


If thats the case my stack will be Libertine x 40 :smiling_imp:


if I were to go by @friday comment, I have 2 guesses:

  1. Some sort of mentorship program where the wiser (older dragons) help the other lesser dragons.
  2. Get the charisma and influence of a cut leader


That’s been done already though. I won’t link to a competitor, but there are several VR apps for subliminals and hypnosis. Nothing new.