Main Disc. Thread - Primal Seduction: Iron Throne (Ultrasonic Only, Limited Sale)


Primal Seduction: Iron Throne is available for a limited time! We’ve had so many requests for people to buy it (even at full price) that we’ve decided to sell it for a week at a discounted price (since it’s ultrasonic only). After that, it’s gone for good! Grab it before you miss your chance!


Nice, I’m gonma buy it.


This would have been my second guess, naturally. :slight_smile:


We want the masked version :slight_smile:


Sovereign, Fire if you can offer me the iron throne masked version i am happy to pay more letme know your thoughts


If we got primal seduction before we don’t need to get this right, it’s the same version?


If you pre ordered PS you already have Iron Throne. If you didn’t pre order PS you don’t have Iron Throne. So PS and Iron Throne are not the same.


Sorry y’all—

Right now, all resources are on Alchemist — masked version won’t be coming any time soon.


Already been runnning a month or so of PS , is it worth getting IT version ?

Also what’s the running time of IT ?


The people who ran it seemed to love it. @AMASH had some great experiences on it. I think @lee_mdk did also. Ultimately, if you’re getting good momentum on PS Standard, go ahead and stick with it, as Iron Throne has different effects.


I bought IT , will use at a later date :slight_smile:


Switching straight away from standard primal seduction to the iron throne version , shouldn’t really effect your results so far right?

I will do that and see what happens :slight_smile:

Honest Review of PS Iron Throne

It’ll definitely change them… It’s pretty much a different subliminal, much more aggressive in pursuing the goal.

Honest Review of PS Iron Throne

I can attest to Iron Throne having pretty drastically different results than Primal Seduction. If you have limiting beliefs around your looks or interactions with women than keep running Primal Seduction, otherwise I’d say Iron Throne is better in about every way. I haven’t had much time to cold approach lately due to a big work load but I’m a bartender at a pretty popular bar and since using Iron Throne (almost 4 months now or whenever it was released) I have gotten some pretty insane results. I literally have women at the bar telling me how awesome my smile and posture is, leaving their numbers at the bar, etc all the time, and virtually staring at me while working, almost to the point where it’s uncomfortable to court that much attention but I’m getting used to it. I’ve honestly wanted to switch up subs for awhile now and focus on other areas but I’m having too much fun with Iron Throne to give it up.

Honest Review of PS Iron Throne

It’s a shame us Masked Men can’t have it. :sweat_smile:


What is the difference between iron Throne and Khan in terms of seduction?


Friday tbis is a good question as SC have been vague about which modules are in Khan.


We have not “been vague,” we’ve explained this multiple times. Iron Throne has no healing, and we turned up the seduction and “take action” scripting to the max.

It’s just pure execution with no “feel good” support, which can make it harder to use. For those who surround themselves with women, however, you’ll see a difference.

Honest Review of PS Iron Throne

maybe if it was masked but like this… ah dun wannit


Sounds like some insane results man , i’ll stick with iron throne for a while and see what unfolds !