Main Disc. Thread - Limitless ZP v2

Now available! If you’ve purchased it in the past, it’ll be available within an hour of this posting (update script needs to go through past orders).


@Salchichon .

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I totally missed this post and I answered you on BL.
Thanks for tagging me!


@SaintSovereign Thanks for updating this title.

My titles are going to be ROM, Limitless ZP v2, and perhaps, Mind’s eye or Beyond Limitless ZP v2 ( I cannot decided yet without being redundant.
Let’s see how Limitless ZP v2 works on me.


I thought Limitless was a very popular title, so why is this thread still empty? :sweat_smile:

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Looks like no one is posting about this title, especially in ZPv2 so this will be my contribution. I last ran Limitless around 4 years ago. I am running Limitless with only Ultimate Writer X.

Limitless ZP v2 - First Impressions

It has been 3 days since I ran my 1st loop of Limitless. In fact, I’m running a loop of it right now. Here’s what I’ve noticed.

  1. Improved focus
    I was more focused than usual during my study session and chose to ignore any possible distractions. During the study session itself, my train of thought was more focused on the task at hand rather than any mental distractions that would pop up.

  2. Subtle, yet noticeably improvement cognition
    This is hard to describe in words. What I can say is that in moments where I usually take a few more seconds to think through something, I’m able to do so quicker than before. Like say, remembering a writing concept, seeing how it applies to my current problem and then applying it.

  3. Mental Clarity
    Before I ran this sub I had this pervasive brain fog that made it somewhat difficult to think clearly at times. Running this has nearly eliminated that so far. I also engaged in an impromptu walking meditation session later that day while strolling outside to clear out my head.

  4. Information Releaser
    Also hard to describe. Basically, as I go my day-to-day life I start to create a link to some old, rarely visited memory to expand my thoughts on the current situation. It could be as simple as me using a hydration tablet and remembering that this may be some kind of exothermic reaction - which I learned in Chemistry class many years ago. Sometimes the memory is mundane, at other times it’s emotional. I’m again reminded of Flowers of Algernon, where Charlie starts to remember his past as he becomes more intelligent.

  5. Aggression (?)
    This is an odd one. I have a pet cat and I’m more playfully aggressive with it when it bothers me. I was also slightly irritated at my girl the night I ran this. I suspect it’s my hormones being rebalanced so my testosterone has increased. Or it could be recon. Or both.

  6. Increased Memory Recall
    I’ve been writing in my private journal consistently the past few weeks. When I do write, it’s usually only a quarter to half page long. This is because I didn’t feel bothered to write down certain things and because I genuinely couldn’t remember what happened. The day I listened to Limitless however, I wrote down a journal entry three pages long! This is no doubt a synergistic effect with Ultimate Writer X, as I could remember in detail and write out my feelings/thoughts of the day.

I was deliberating between making the hard choice of choosing between Limitless and Emperor Black. So far I’m happy with my choice. It’s just that discipline may be somewhat lacking right now, which is a personal fault of mine rather than the sub itself. It seems that Limitless can help with that so I didn’t really need to run Emperor Black.


Think Limitless is good enough to approximate the cognitive stuff in Stark? @AnswerGroup

since Limitless is pure intelligence and learning focused sub…

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Hey folks. Any tips on how to deal with procrastination recon from this sub? It usually gets away next day, but on listening day it really limits me.

Microloop of Limitless Executive.

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