Main Disc. Thread - Limit Destroyer ZP

Now available! If you’re purchased it in the past, the new version is already in your downloads!


I know descriptions will eventually be released but could you please give some info on what is new/better with this version compared to the ultima version?


Dang I should have taken that one-time offer.




Anyone currently using this with results to report?

I’m running EoG solo right now, but it’s not giving me the boost I hoped it would, so I’m thinking of adding this in.

Got lots of limiting beliefs and need more NOS!

Which stage?

Stage 1, only a few days in honestly.

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Stage 1 is a clearing stage and you’re just a few days in. There’s probably nothing to see or feel yet. Stage 3 is where the sub pushes you to go out and act on money making opportunities. You still probably have a few months to go before you see tangible results. EoG is a sub that goes in depth. From my experience with Emperor, when the sub works a very deep level, you won’t feel it. You might even question if it’s working at all. Then after some time you’ll see the obvious results of it.
When you’re on the clearing level of a 4 stage sub just take your time with it, let the deep work take place and don’t rush it. Don’t switch subs. Just follow the guidelines.


… and Simon’s Instructions.


I wasn’t planning on switching, just adding Limit Destroyer to speed the process along haha, but I see your point. I’ll sleep on it at the very least.

And that’s not to say that I’m seeing ZERO results, I am definitely feeling the manifestation of my walls slowly crumbling and new money mindsets presenting themselves to me.

I guess what I was looking for is that major productivity/drive/momentum feeling that some other people have reported from EoG ZP.

Aaaaahhh how could I forget!! I remember reading this ages ago when I was just lurking.
Thanks for the reminder Simon :slight_smile:

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I agree with @Voytek 's review that LD really helps killing one’s desire to masturbate. When I listened to Emperor ZP before without LD ZP my sex drive went up and at times I couldn’t resist the urge to fap, or if I resisted I did it in a mentally exhausting way. Once LD was added to my stack (I didn’t add it for no fap) so far the urge just went away quite completely (of course one still has to avoid actively looking up porn or playing with junior). This happening is the most noticeable manifestation of LD, yet if LD works in this one aspect, I am confident that it is also working in all aspects. I am keeping it in my stack for at least 6 months. :+1:


Saint did mention in a post about running LD with another title if you have limiting beliefs about it so it would make sense to run LD with EOG. Especially stage 1


Hi, does someone have experience with this one on the long run? What did you experience and what results did you get?


great question.

would love more data on this product.

I’m glad I saw this. I played LD one time at the beginning of the week and until yesterday, I’ve been feeling like I’m jealously protecting my energy from women by not entertaining them beyond cursory interest. I’m running Emperor, but I could also see that coming from my use of Wanted up until the beginning of the week almost full cycle :slight_smile: