Main Disc. Thread - Libertine Ultima


Yes, I’m sure some part of the aura becomes permanent, but these titles are meant to serve as boosters, the same way the superchargers were.


I was reading this, and thought… maybe LibU is more effective when there is S&S inside the sub. I have avoided using any subs with seduction, and find myself missing out on “opportunities” do to lack of caring/effort. Maybe Asc Mogul doesn’t have S&S?


S&S came out waaaaaay after Ascended Mogul.


That is good to know, I’m always interested in the subs that have no seduction (or just not S&S). I live in a small rural area, assumptions + wasted time/thinking… if that makes sense.

I am still wondering how and if S&S could recieve the Ultima treatment, considering the current Ultima is more about strong but low growth.


Ultima doesn’t necessarily mean low growth… The sub in itself is less focus on growth, but the quick boost in results could create a cascade of event that push your growth to new horizons :wink:


Actually having profound effects from loop 1! This sub is a game changer. Girls are staring at me left and right and even one girl opened a smile when she saw me which is very unusual

But I don’t like the fact that this could hypothetical mean I am not that handsome lololol

Black Adder Custom Sub Journal - "The Evolution"


You could just be more observant. :wink:


@blackadder @emperor_obewan any update on on how libertine Ultima Is working for you guys ?


Have you been running Facial Morphing and Physicality Shifter? :smiley:


@Grimm1390 our state is currently in stage 4 lockdown (was stage 3 when we started with Libertine). That makes it incredibly difficult to diagnose yet if its working. I’d be more likely to be able to give a proper answer in six weeks or so, assuming they don’t turn our state into a fascist dictatorship :stuck_out_tongue: That said, I’ve been running it religiously each night during my practice. I’m updating nightly on my journal. Highlights so far:

  • A heart reaction on my selfie post from two nights ago from the girl who had told me she missed me the first night I ran LibertineU
  • A woman who I had drama with several years back re-added me on social media and referred to me as a “valuable person” in our chat getting reacquainted, and indicated interest in hanging out (plus possibility of going to a party she organizes) when lock-down ends.
  • Sexual energy has been high but nothing out of the ordinary. My tastes in porn have changed somewhat since starting the custom with Primal Seduction in it, and I have less desire to engage in it, but hasn’t vanished altogether, and I don’t see that as a bad thing.
  • I’ve had some second glances by women I find attractive at the shopping center, but those are irregular and not obvious enough to my abiiity to gauge IOIs to call it out of the ordinary. Its possible that, like some others on this forum, my ability to notice non verbal IOI’s is still needing work.

I can tell from the selfies which I’m taking each evening after doing Kamdev gayatri and Libertine x 1 loop that something is being projected, but I suspect more work is needed for the effects to become pronounced or more permanent. I’m cautious to post any of the selfies to the forum though due to Google indexing and them being public and all, happy to DM to get feedback if anyone is curious.


I am googling this right now :slightly_smiling_face:


And by the way, in this experimentation I’ve kind of been of the opinion that if it works for me it can work for anybody, given my previous track record :wink:


I recommend this one if you’re going to try it :wink:


Just got Ultima, let’s see what the hype is all about. Any recommended volume to listen to? I’m using currently the Sennheiser 280 Pro :headphones:


Just go with a comfortable one for your ear :wink:


Definitely moves your sexual energy all throughout your body since I’m feeling lots of heat, I’m also assuming pheromones are at work as well, and if the sub does generate pheromones then I can see how that makes women attracted to you


A little late for my recommendation but start on the low end to mark sure your not adversely affected by the Ultrasonic, I imagine it’s a low volume since its meant to be used with headphones but just in case.


Did you have any previous record of nothing working for you?

I’ve tried hypnotherapy, nootropics, binaural beats, isochronic beats, religious prayer, reiki to resolve a lot of negative emotions, stuck energy, and limiting beliefs in my life and I really felt that nothing had an effect on me.

I didn’t “feel” anything , even after overdosing on the top-end nootropics. Funnily, caffeine and beer have no real effect on me. I’ve never been drunk before and I don’t get boosts of energy from caffeine.

I decided at one point I would just stick to Sub Club subliminals.


Do you experience sub club subs working for you?

or objectively can you track metrics that would objectively demonstrate there impact?

I track my own subjective and objective metrics, obvious ones like income, new income streams, debt, savings, more abstract like proactive actions and then assess my self on 1-10 scales of mood, clarity, effectiveness etc.


In terms of feeling better, looking at things in different ways, some manifestations here and there as well as cash coming in last minute to save me, yes. I’m much more optimistic these days -maybe compared to last year at least - and have a greater faith that I can achieve my goals.

The occasional sadness here and there will still arise, but I’m much more focused on working on my goals to care now.

The running script in my mind these days in fact to people who put me down negatively is “We’ll see who has the last laugh”.

Though honestly, I’m still at a slow footing, but it looks like a start.

You’re right though I need to be more objective in setting metrics that I could track.

But at least for me, I prefer Sub Club subs to other things I have tried - you name it I have most likely tried it - that’s why I keep purchasing Sub Club subliminals.