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Well im noticing a battle internally, some moments i get covered in doubt and recon and in other moments i begin to feel more powerful and important and it sort of just goes back and forth as i run the stage. Also noticing that im making people aware of my presence whenever they feel like just brushing me off which goes back to the whole feeling more powerful thing. Im noticing the feeling powerful feeling comes and goes but im begining to see flashes of it and im hoping that after a while it becomes a more permanent feeling.

Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan


How do you recommend i fix my inner workings.?


I suggest using one of the many healing subs that SC has to offer.


That’s why I suggested Khan Stage 1 considering he was struggling with limiting beliefs, but he’s already on Stage 2 of Khan. What do you recommend?


What worked for me is David Tian Invincible, way too many reviews on it, check it out.


Another review of LU…

Been using LU 2 for some time, lately I been consistent, as a result, I’m in 3 relationships, that was the result of trying to fuck, I don’t mind dating all 3 since they have traditional values, and they make sense.

Since I built up quite a reputation of tasting, in terms of getting laid, my second girl, even thou being told multiple times she’s wants to sleep with me, she just wants to make sure, I’m not gonna leave her. And the 3rd one, she knows exactly what I’m capable of, she was upfront about a lot of things, one being that she’s a virgin(shocker, I know) and that she wants someone that will love her, the way she held onto me, it’s as if the world is ending. Anywho back to the sex part with her, she told me when she comes to my house, I should forget about sex, even if she were to throw herself at me.

They all hint marriage, they want stability and to be honest, I actually don’t mind, choosing someone to settle down with is definitely a hard choice.

I got some chick coming over for a sleepover today, will play LU v1, I don’t want too many entanglements. And a lot of women I’m talking to seem to be wanting a relationship with me, even though they not the relationship type.

In my conclusion, based purely on my experience, LU 1 is suited for 1 night stands or having my girl get freaky and wanna fuck me right there and then. And V2 is very ideal on landing relationships, even thou my dick does a phenomenal job at it🙃


I like it better that way, Because some women don’t want all that lovey dovey stuff and start acting weird. So LU1 is better for them.


How long were you running Khan stage 1 for ? if you geniunely feel that your beliefs are holding you back go back to stage 1.

Trust me breakdown will do a good job so long as you spend enough time on it.


In my experience, it works on all of them. They may not want lovey dovey shit, so they put up other conditions, such as having kids, living together etc etc


Ran LU v1 an hour ago and I got invited to come over to some chicks place🙃


Some may even avoid you…because that sexual aura is so strong.


That’s a good thing, having them filter themselves out cause 9/10 they won’t satisfy me.


When i was doing the L1 experimental…even grannies would want to jump my bones. Freaky shit :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Thats because you got a really good foundation


About 40 days but I’m no longer doing Khan anymore. It doesn’t fit my goals. I’m running Dragon Fire which is Stage 1 of Dragon Reborn so hopefully it’ll fix those fears and insecurities too. I don’t feel like I have them much anymore but yeah.


The fixing of internal beliefs doesn’t just happen in st1. Remember that st2 is about installing new beliefs. Breaking down the negative is good but building up the new structure is the other half of that coin


Agreed, that’s why I suggested doing more of Stage 2 and adding in Stage 1 or just sticking with the second stage since it’ll create those new beliefs to be installed.


When the negative is broken down the positive of what we had should remain…or is it that we dont have much positive? :smiley:


The positive remains but a void still exists. Nature abhors a void. If we don’t fill that spot with the new desired programming then anything could take the place, even old beliefs


So according to this one must reprogramme asap?

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Some good info in the past few post guys.