Main Disc. Thread - Khan ZP

Available now! If you’ve purchased Khan in the past, the new version is available in your downloads!


Viva la vida!! Viva la fiesta!!

Thanks subclub team!

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Yeah, I’m starting it soon :grin:

@SaintSovereign Do you have few golden nuggets of secrets regarding this version of Khan :eyes:


Damn Im third

And I’m Fourth! But I won’t run this :stuck_out_tongue:

Not showing in my downloads yet


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give it a few minutes. It takes a few for the ProductBot to update the downloads for everyone.


Will you run it @Palpatine ?

eventually. Khan 1 at least. I’m in no mindset to run the full thing today especially.

It’s not there!

@SaintSovereign any goodies or special features we should know about? :wink:

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Give. It. Time.


I want to know too. Pretty please!

Yeah okay!! :smirk:
I waited so much

It has male enhancement! Half loop of St4 and I got an erection.


Really? Great!

No, man. Only joking here. I wish that be a goodie on Khan.

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        I'm very excited for this one. My holy trinity stack is still currently Libertine/Wanted/PS but the more I run PS the more I am learning to love and embrace my primal masculinity. The image of a savage warlord mixed with a civilized swoon worthy attractiveness has been the result of that stack both physically and mentally and behaviorally with women and I have never had girls *lusting* after me like this in my life.  Khan is calling me to take this archetype even further....the way of the wildman. sexual and social. uninhibited expression of divine sexuality from a sophisticated feral man.

Hahaha, Good joke!
ZP version is not in my account yet.

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