Main Disc. Thread - Gaming Mastery X ZP

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Can Gaming Mastery help with learning how to code quicker and understand it better?

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That would be more of a Limitless thing. Though, if you are interested in game design, GMX will help you understand the underlying principles and logic of a game, which you can then use when coding your own.


Will this help grand strategy games (e.g.Civilization, Hearts of Iron, Europa Universalis)?

Can the effects of Gaming Mastery X ZP be applicable to non-gaming situations? E.g. sports, business simulations, war games, games of skill?

Would GMX be considered a light sub to run?

Tried a loop of this just to test the new and improved ZP whilst I wait for others to get upgraded

So far so good, not played any games yet but I felt real good listening to it. Felt a relaxing sensation

Thinking has changed a little and I feel good due to the recon scripting

Any gamers out there tried this yet?


Is it best to wait until the new gaming mastery x is out before buying this? Or will this product just get updated?

Thanks a lot.


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Is GMX now in V2?

The product is getting updated, we’re working on it right now. If you buy this version, you get the upgrade for free.


Yes, but the completely new version will be out soon.

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Any ETA of this update?

Hopefully this week. We got a bit behind due to tax season and other meetings.


That’s great! Really looking forward to it.

New thread here: Main Disc. Thread - The New Gaming Mastery X3 (Now Available!)

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