Main Disc. Thread - Diamond ZP Experimental

Now available under “My Downloads.” Note: This is the version WITH male enhancement. We haven’t made an experimental for “w/o” yet.

As with the other ZP experimentals, there are no special instructions, run this like you would any other Zero Point title. Try not to mix the Experimental with the Major Title, however – choose one or the other.

And it now it begins. The first prototype of what we believe will open the door for us to create all kinds of new products. Until we get some feedback, I want to remain a bit quiet on what to expect from this version. The objectives of the script are exactly the same, so you won’t be missing out on anything by trying the new version.

I will say that those who use the micro loop strategy will find themselves incredibly satisfied.


I came first.

Seems appropriate for the thread.


There goes my resting day!! Btw this is a pretty cool birthday gift… Thanks!!
Going for a test drive right away


Thanks for your efforts Saint unfortunately i cannot see the experimental.

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Me neither and Im already naked!!


Maybe Saint is making jokes or something :grin:

Why you naked @Joa23 maybe you are playing with yourself ahahahahaha.

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this is the only thing Im playing with right now…


Try clearing cookies, logging out and in again, etc.

@Joa23 your too funny mate ahahahahaha :rofl:

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Going through the whole gamut of titles! I hope I can try Daredevil or PCC in the new build.

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Give it a minute, sometimes the update script hangs a bit, especially when we add a bunch of new titles.

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Too late… I already came… to the conclusion that its better to wait :rofl:


@SaintSovereign i am to bed will run it in the early morning thanks.

Seeing as Diamond ZP already works super fast and gives little recon I wonder what new effects this will have. :thinking:

Is it labeled as experimental in the downloads? Am just seeing one that says The Latest All Files.

Propably bonarific I would think :grinning:


Now Playing - Diamond-Experimental ZP (Masked)



Check now, I already listen to the exp version.

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Got it now. Thank you.

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"My body is so fucking ready"

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