Main Disc Thread: DIAMOND Ultima


Of course, feel free to include these same experiences in your journals. Given the fact that this was built with an early version new physical shifting tech, we’d like to know how effective it is. All feedback welcome, good and bad. When you post, please mention if you’re running a stack and how many subliminals are in that stack. You don’t have to detail which subliminals are in that stack (to ensure your privacy), but we’d appreciate it if you messaged us and let us know what’s in there. That’ll help us locate any issues regarding compatibility with other titles. We’re not expecting any, but we’ve already seen how too many auras in one stack can cause issues.



I for one am looking forward to how this technology can be used in a lot of other use cases. :-)…

Also can this thread be titled in a manner similar to other main disc threads?


Generally, those are for products that haven’t come out yet, but given the fact that we released it via contest, we’ll go along with it this time.


From my journal:

My current daily stack looks like this:
1x Diamond Dick Ultima AM (headphones)
1x Diamond Dick Ultima PM (headphones)
1 or 2 loops ManStark custom PM (iPhone ultrasonic)

Initial thoughts on Diamond… love it. Does exactly what it says. Super horny, increased sensation in genitalia, and most importantly… with some self-stimulation… some of the best boners I’ve had. Hornier than even my ManSlut custom with Primal Seduction + Sex Mastery + other sex goodies. Without stimulation, flaccid size becomes noticeably fuller, so seems to be encouraging increased blood flow down there.

Also weird thing where random memories of girls I haven’t thought about in years will flash into my minds eye for a second and I’ll be like… wtf why has she just popped up? Perhaps that’s the sub’s method of getting the horn in full gear. Will keep using and see if it maintains or even improves long term. Thank you again Subclub for the free release!


Hopefully diamond paves the way to a dick enlargement ultima :wink:


Biggus Dickus you mean


Don’t “underestimate” the current ME module in the custom store. Been at it for a month now in an Ultima with other modules, and it seems to be working already.


That had happened to me as well. The problem is that the girl was my ex wife. Hahaha. G-d forbid! It was a nightmare.


Sharing my experience with it.
Stack’s involving only DR Stage 1.

Ran Diamond Ultima approx. 1 hour and 10 minutes in total.
Increase in arousal and overall warmness in the crotch. After some inevitable contact, it got way too hard! Rock solid, with lots of veins out of the blue. There was a huge bluish vein one that wasn’t there before. Increased pleasure alright. Felt more… sensible to contact. Way more than before.
Won’t forget that feeling down there anytime soon.

Pic from my journal, basically describing it. This stuff’s out of this world.



this time I can confidently say-that is you!


Anything specific to look for?


The… what?

I didn’t think this is what diamond meant when I entered this thread :joy: I had the Rihanna song in my head and maybe some sort of celebrity/renown ultima.

Anyway, carry on.


Diamond is unisex. Enjoy.


It will make a megaclitoris? That is the equivalent of penis in a woman…
Or super Camel-Toe? The equivalent are the scrotal bags.

What are really the physical shifting changes expected?


Just throwing a guess but probably increased sensitivity and kegel strength. Idk.


Uh, no… not necessarily? It’s designed to increase pleasure and sensitivity in the user, so there’s mental and physical aspects to that. Also, keep in mind that Diamond Ultima is focused on increasing pleasure to the user first, with the partner benefiting from the user’s heightened arousal and sensitivity. There’s also the auras that will improve pleasure on both user and partner.

So, if a woman is running Diamond Ultima, it’ll focus on her pleasure first, partner second, just like the inverse (hence why it’ll be a blast if both partners run a loop or two). Having a “megaclitoris” doesn’t necessarily amount to heightened pleasure, so we’d never hard script something like that into it. Increased blood flow to erogenous areas, however, is scientifically proven to serve as a universal method to increase sensitivity and pleasure.

Some women may experience a, as you put it, “megaclitoris,” others may not. Basically, whatever you experience when you’re aroused, but intensified by an exponential amount. Just some really pleasurable intercourse.


So is it wise to use this if you want last longer in bed? Increased sensitivity seems it works the other way around.


So some women have difficulty feeling intense sensations during. I have at least one friend that’s never had an orgasm which makes me sad just typing it out. Others are highly sensitive which I’ve always envied. I’m assuming it increases what would work for you so perhaps sensation plus control.


Guys, don’t overthink this. There’s scripting to increase lasting power in bed and to ensure a very pleasurable experience that will leave everyone quite satisfied.


Thank you :grin::grin::grin:… guess ill add it to my Sex Mastery combo. Are we having ultra track in the future?