Main Disc. Thread - CHOSEN [Now Available!]


Fear not the night, for you are…

The blazing beacon in the dark, the one who all others look for guidance.

The one who leads with an undying conviction in his heart.

The one who stands against the darkness.

For you are…


Combining incredibly high status and confidence with great warmth and leadership, CHOSEN is the ascendant leader of all.

Develop your status by building deep connections – you will be the one lifting your voice in encouragement of others, pushing them to achieve their limitless potential, and they will love and respect you for it.

CHOSEN is a subliminal that has a larger impact on those around you than usual. This is because by using CHOSEN, you inspire, lead and empathize with others. Your inspirational leadership unlocks untapped potential in others, but that is not all…

CHOSEN also has an incredibly powerful aura that radiates like the blazing sun, blanketing others in affectionate, warm feelings of pure belief in themselves and in you, in deep tenderness, comfort and inspiration.

And your voice and eyes will reflect this. Our other subliminals have this effect as well, but CHOSEN will utilize this further by using some of this profound energy to help you develop a warm, inspiring, honeyed gaze and voice that others cannot help but melt in.

If you have ever seen and deeply felt the eyes of a loved one gazing adoringly into yours with warm light that seems to envelop your very soul – that is what the CHOSEN aims to instill in others towards you.

On CHOSEN you will learn how to lead others more and more effectively in any way that you desire, and you’ll become able to understand others on a deeper level and so connect with them effectively.

In any position of leadership, you will be able to easily maximize the abilities of each of your team members and guide them in an organized and efficient manner.

When the darkness seems impenetrable, CHOSEN imbues you and those around you with an undying hope and belief that pierces the darkness and guides your way. Indeed, CHOSEN guides you (and your close ones) through the most hopeless situations.

You will not go astray.

Furthermore, an earthshaking courage and fearlessness will start manifesting deep in your heart, helping you be the sword that cuts the path through the dark for yourself and others.

Courage is not all – on CHOSEN, you will develop other virtues in such a way that it is impossible for others not to be in awe of you.

Temperance, justice, prudence, dignity, magnificence, truth, magnanimity…

You will learn more about what these virtues and similar ones mean to you, and you will develop them in a way that fits perfectly for you and your life while pushing you to become greater than you ever have been.

Finally, some might think that being virtuous is ineffective in romance – this couldn’t be further from the truth. With CHOSEN, you will develop your own sense of virtue with an unshakeable strength of character and conviction that defies all odds – and this strength can only be irresistible.

Truly, when you are like the sun, others cannot help but be inspired and enchanted.

Become the first light of dawn.

Be the sunrise that awakens others.


Order now.


  • Cultivate a powerful sense of positive, charismatic alpha leadership
  • Quickly elevate your internal sense of status and power to the level of royalty
  • Develop your mental fortitude, become impervious to negative attacks from others
  • Develop a deep sense of hope, peace and positivity for the future
  • Inspire those around you to follow your lead and assist with achieving any positive goals
  • Irradiate an energetic aura of pure positivity, hope, kindness and absolute strength
  • Develop a profound internal sense of courage and bravery, inspiring those around you to achieve the same traits
  • Breakthrough all social barriers preventing personal success, enter any social circle with ease
  • Manifest and attract high value, talented individuals who can help achieve your goals
  • Attract romantic partners who are on the same positive, powerful wavelength as you [optional, Chosen will not interfere with existing relationships]
  • Physical shifting to manifest your goals: charismatic, piercing eyes; powerful, yet inspiring voice; strong, but assuring body language, etc.
  • And more!

Done, I’ve pre ordered it!


Got it! Can’t wait! :smiley:

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This! The list of objectives! Yes!


Can’t wait to see how this one will stack with Wanted and Sage


Saw this in some reports, but didn’t know if it was RICH or CHOSEN.


Love this

Can’t wait to test this awesome sub out…
Will more products especially old ones get something like this?

Seems like it will go good with any alpha sub especially something like Emperor or Ascension, maybe even help with the social aspect of it.


I did not expect physical shifting in the objectives of CHOSEN. A nice bonus.


Preordered this title and the hype is so real I feel a subtle midbrow throbbing since the order completed. ZP respects that time isn’t real I guess.


The perfect title to inaugurate Zero Point with. SaintSovereign and Fire were CHOSEN to discover and invent ZP and we of Subclub members were CHOSEN to benefit from it.

Congrats, @SaintSovereign and @Fire for the release of CHOSEN and the official release of the world’s first Zero Point title! The most powerful 15 minute subliminal tech!!!

There hasn’t been anything like it. We are watching a revolution happen in the subliminal audio field right this moment. Truly history in the making.

PS: loved the list of objectives. Something we wanted for a long time. Looking forward to the list of objectives of other titles too.


Pre-Ordered! I am excited to wake up tomorrow and pair this bad boy with RICH. This title seems almost mandatory unless you already have those high vibes with life, making my ability to stack only 2 titles.


Next time someone is acting grumpy on the forum everyone will say : Mate you haven’t run chosen in a long time, I think you are due for a loop!


Hahaha excellent idea!


@GoldenTiger That probably means I should run Chosen all the time :rofl:


This sounds like such an incredible sub and I cannot wait to run it.

Going to change so many lives, and not just our own.

@SaintSovereign & @Fire you are beyond geniuses.


ROFL! I think everyone over here needs to. We all have our grumpy moments.

PS: Ran out of likes to give means the hype is real!


Same here .


Don’t know how far apart alphazp and chosen is, probably not much,

what i have experienced on it, is first thing in the morning upon waking feeling shit, but suddenly all this surge of positivity occurs in my head, like positive self talk, really uplifting.

This is probably the missing piece in the subclub arsenal.


Definately a no-brainer, pre-ordered :pray:


Interesting……helping me figure my choice between which to place third in my stack.