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Beyond Limitless has been upgraded and is now available in Ultima format . Ultima is the pinnacle of subliminal technology. Get results in as little as ONE loop in the first few days. Read more about Ultima here . Note that Ultima titles are ONE file — a masked subliminal with an embedded ultrasonic subliminal. The original “supercharger” version, a guided meditation with an embedded ultrasonic subliminal, is still included.

What would you do, what could you accomplish if you knew you could learn anything? Take a step into the beyond, into the realm of unlimited knowledge and wisdom, with Beyond Limitless Ultima.

Beyond Limitless is designed to unlock your full cognitive potential and push your productivity to the limits. It’s designed to help you study for longer periods, recall information instantly, develop a photographic / eidetic memory, solve complex problems quicker and more. With a single loop per day, you can experience heightened cognitive, sensory and creative abilities. Use it the morning of a test or other intellectually demanding task for temporary improved performance, or add it to your stack for a sustained effect.

When paired with Limitless or Quantum Limitless, Beyond Limitless can help you reach the pinnacle of creativity, innovation and intelligence. It’ll also pair exceptionally well with StarkQ, perfectly synergizing with its cognitive and productivity enhancing effects and propelling your mental abilities to the absolute maximum.

Beyond Limitless Ultima also contains significant alpha individual and confidence boosting scripting, which will eradicate any internal fears or issues preventing you from performing when under pressure. We’ve also added scripting to improve your verbal fluency, allowing you to convey complex ideas and issues with ease. You’ll also experience a stronger connection between your subconscious and conscious minds, enhancing your intuition and other previously “invisible” mental background processes that contribute to higher cognitive functioning.

No more doubting yourself or your intelligence. No more studying and forgetting when needed. Learning has now become even easier.

Order now.

EDIT: And yes, of course. It’s a free upgrade to those who bought Beyond Limitless in the past.

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Main Disc. Thread - Sanguine Ultima

FIRST!!! Can Libertine be next on the list? pretty please?!


Is that the Ultima Special?


It is. By far, this is my favorite title yet, outside of my custom.


Hey @SaintSovereign ,
I can only see the quick start guide and “supercharger” version in my downloads section but not the new Ultima version


@SaintSovereign Any issues running multiple different Ultima titles on the same day?


Mine took a few minutes before it appeared, it should be there soon.


Give it a few minutes, then check again. I don’t think the process to regenerate everyone’s downloads is finished yet.


Yep, looks like I was quicker than the system. Hit refresh and it there it was :sweat_smile:

As always, thanks for all the outstanding work!


Eh, I’ll just try it an see.


I will look into it and if it is short enough I will try it out right now and let you guys know.
Ah I see, it is in the 1 hour format now.
Alright, then I’ll test it tomorrow.

And thank you for the free update!


Well this was unexpected. But this made my day. Loved this supercharger, so for it to get the ultima love I’m looking forward to this.


In my experience, I got effects on day one, but it was day three when my productivity and intelligence seemed to skyrocket. I’m also pairing it with my custom and StarkQ.

@Hermit has a lot of experience with this one, since he was one of a small few who tested it.


Please!! Cant wait to do Libertine with my custom.


Very interesting and cool that BL also includes what is essentially SOCIAL intelligence :smiley:


We wanted it to work very closely with Stark, since many people have moved on from Limitless / QL.


HOLY HELL THIS IS FAST ACTING. I’m 21 minutes in and I’m already ultra (ultima?) focused. God damn.

Feel free to use that testimonial in your future sales copy :joy:


@SaintSovereign a friend of mine got tinnitus and I’m wondering if it would be safe for him to use since Ultima also comes with ultra sonic? I don’t want that his tinnitus gets any worse because of me…


I wouldn’t risk it.


May G-d bless you @SaintSovereign and @Fire!