Main Disc. Thread - Ascension ZP v2

Now available! For those who have purchased in the past, the upgraded version will be available in your downloads within an hour or two of this message (or sooner, keep refreshing).


Hmmmm shall to go back to my roots or nah? That is the question :thinking:


Ascension is one of the subs I never ran.


So you’ve run it before?

As someone on the forum told, Ascension must be in any stack if there is no another alpha title.


Ooops typo. I fixed it.

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Ascension is great. I just got my 15-minute, 30-second, 3-minute and 5-minute loops uploaded. woo.


I hesitated between Asc and AM and I went for AM as my first sub. Which was great, by the way.


Eh I’m just looking for something to replace EB, and Ascension is pretty goal oriented and RoM handles the spiritual stuff enough for me.

Plus I have been curious how Stark will stack with Ascension.

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Commander & sex Mastery??

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Nope. this one is Ascension.

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Yesterday I was thinking about ascension when will zp2 come. I even wanted to ask Saint when it will come, but I didn’t want to bother a busy man. This morning I told myself if ascension is done, I will stack it . And here we are! The same happened to me with rebirth. Big synchronicities with sub club! Thanks Saint. I am gonna stack it, with Stark and eog2 to develop even more and profound and deep self confidence self reliance and internal power. Also to assist with physical shifting and muscle build.

When will the good Major commit to becoming a Commander?




You mean like total Comander? In 3 cycles of Ascension we will get there my dear comrade!


Ascension imo is the most mature sub. It makes you improve your life in any way you can through work, pushes you to overcome the things you struggle with and builds yourself up by making each goal you achieve further increase your confidence.


have you used GLM?

hahahaha :joy:

They have added physical shifting to version 2 :slight_smile:

how do you know it?

Its in the objectives now so they added this feature i think pacman asked for it.