Main Development Thread - New Dawn


The development and research of our newest subliminal is officially starting NOW.

Say hello to SEX & SEDUCTION.



Well I like the name, can we get a description or do we have to wait until it’s released?


Can’t you name something thats not x rated? Like I don’t know become irresistible.

I seriously don’t want it written on my bank statement or them or 3rd parties knowing I purchased a sex sub.

Also I keep seeing things written in the shop like “jack in texas purchased ascension 12 hours ago”. I don’t want my name, location and sub purchase showing up like that.


Our payment processor is set to show only “SubliminalClub” as the purchase. However, the product data is passed on to your bank by law, so it’s up to them whether they show the product name or not.

That being said…

The words “Sex & Seduction” are not “x-rated.” Sex is one of the quintessential human experiences, and if you’re embarrassed or ashamed by someone knowing that you wish to engage in that act, that’s a personal problem that can be resolved with Ascension or Ascended Mogul. Your response to anyone who shame you for wanting a healthy sex life – as is your right – should be, “go to hell.”

As for the sales pop-up – site suggestions should go under the site suggestions thread, not the dev thread, and those individuals opted into allowing it to show up. And you haven’t purchased anything yet, so that’s not concern we have to address yet. If your name does show up for some reason, simply send a support mail and I can remove it.

Let’s keep this thread on track. Feature requests and questions regarding the sub only. Any other issues, PM me or @Fire or post on the Site Suggestions thread.


My suggestion is adding modules for enhanced intimacy and connection.

While I’m excited for more quantity, I’d also like to be able to create more quality. One of my favorite features of Sex Mastery is the intimacy that it created which was beyond anything I had experienced before then.

It’s also fairly difficult to find redeeming features in most women I meet and I’d appreciate being able to just connect with them a bit more.

A little romance, if that’s what the user prefers.

If this isn’t fully in line with the goals of the program that’s understandable.


My suggestion is that there will be a subliminal that allows me to get into the minds of anybody I like and really understand the person’s thinking process - a sort of empathic, telepathic and mind reading subliminal.
Also, it would be a good idea if you can obtain favours from the opposite sex by using the sub


We’re definitely going to try this.


How is the developments going for this sub? Looking forward to trying it out. cheers



For now, it’s still in the early stages of incubation. We are thinking of ways how we want the subliminal to work and all the areas it is going to target, as well as the different changes that are needed to occur.

We are also looking through the different suggestions and seeing what we can utilize, what we already have, and what we will discard.

Furthermore, we are looking through the experiences of our customers and testers on EMPEROR for anything useful. Keep in mind though, SEX & SEDUCTION will be built from the ground up.


Many authors on sex detail something along the lines of “Deep Conversion.”

When you get a woman off so many times and release all those happy chemicals it accelerates the attachment process.

Even if you get into an open relationship with these women, the bond you’ve created is so strong that they’ll likely only want to have sex with you.

It can get so deep that even years later the women will select for traits from the man who converted them.

While this can be done just from Sex Mastery, if you could build something into Sex and Seduction to accelerate the process and maintain it, that would be appreciated.

I don’t just want to fuck these girls, I want to have a whole harem of women that I like. I also want these women to be willing to go out of their way for me in the bedroom and outside the bedroom.

I want to create unforgettable experiences — for the both of us.


I hope the upcoming Sex and Seduction subliminal is gender neutral or applicable to various genders (straight, gay, bisexual men and women). Also, the hang ups should be worked on so that the person who gets to listen to it wont become someone as “as*hole”.


After a long time of brainstorming on SEX & SEDUCTION, I’ve had quite a few innovative ideas that I have started to script.

It’s going to be quite a complicated script to do, but who cares when we can push our technology beyond what is imaginable.

As with all of our subliminals, I’m going all in on this one.

No limits. :smiling_imp:


Accessibility is something we’re definitely working on with future titles. The “asshole” thing? Not so much. The term “asshole” generally refers to someone that just won’t follow the established societal paradigm – not that they’re ACTUALLY doing anything wrong. We’re NOT going to try and program you to act a certain way. We just want to help you achieve a particular goal. If you choose to act like an “asshole,” however that’s defined, that’s on you, not us.


We are starting the microtesting phase - a phase where we test each individual module and new technology by itself.

Pretty simple in theory, but in practice this is going to take a while. It is needed though because of the specific goals I am aiming for with this subliminal.

The first few new modules that were tested have been successes, with effects coming in full force in the first 10 minutes for every module.


Further work on S&S being done - mostly trimming of the different modules in order to focus the subliminal as much as possible.


Sex & Seduction is nearly finished with scripting. Need to figure out a few more things that I want to add to it.

While doing that though, we have started making a complete optimization of all of our technology.

Meaning, ALL of our technology, will be reworked in order to achieve as much efficiency as possible - providing extreme manifestations and internal changes.

Yes, it will take a while. Reworking hundred+ of pages cannot be done overnight.

You might think: “why the hell would you rework ALL your technology?”.

The answer is simple - superior, efficient technology is the name of the game.

Efficiency and power.


P.S Microtesting is nearly finished. We have tested every module except a few that will be going into Sex & Seduction. It’s pretty damn crazy, and I am honestly really interested to see how you guys do on it.


:smiling_imp: @ always staying up to date on all the subs


Optimization is going well, though kinda slow. There is a lot to go through (a LOT… and it takes quite a bit of brain power to actually optimize it as well, haha), but it looks very promising. Managed to nail down a few mandatory base modules into just one page.

Ah, Emperor is already working so well, can’t help but feel excited thinking about how it would work after the optimization. I’d say the optimization would make it at least 3 times more effective than now.

Haha, of course.


Which subliminal should I use if I just want to target a specific person


Could I place some recommendations for Sex & Seduction? EXCITED!

  • The ability to energetically feel, even among a crowd, the girl(s) that are most compatible with you energetically, psychologically and sexually. Girls that are already open and eager for a guy just like you to talk to them, and who will fit what you desire. So you don’t just go around spending a lot of time talking to girls just to find they don’t interest you, but letting your subconscious help your search and do the selection for you. Something like a “spider tingle” that brings your attention on the most compatible and open girls.

  • The ability to almost read a girl’s mind, so at every moment, you know exactly what she needs to experience to stay excited yet trusting, and to move her along the seduction and sex smoothly and efficiently.

  • Deep trust from the girl, so that she feels she knows you all her life.

  • Girls seeing you as the guy who can help her explore her sexuality, so she feels you are not judgmental but rather an experienced guy. A guy who can is used to fucking the hottest girls. So that she opens her kinky side to you and explores all possible kinky fantasies and practices, and loves doing them just because it is with you.

  • Absolute entitlement and I’d even say ownership of the hottest girls in the planet. Feeling absolutely worth of them. That you are the best choice and even the only choice in the world that can bring them levels of satisfaction they have never felt before just by your presence. No matter who they are, even if they are models, instagram famous girls or even a celebrity. You are the EMPEROR. Alway superior.

  • Inspiring shy introverted girls to become wild just with you and for you, to let go of inhibition and let out that side of them no matter how repressed.

  • Oozing dominance out of every pore of your body so that girls respond with absolute unquestioning submission. And inspiring girls to become feminine to the extreme and enjoy every second of that letting go and femininity and carefreeness no matter how uptight or “strong” she usually is.

  • Having an aura that you are so unique, you are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for girls to fuck and even fall in love with.

  • In seduction, it turns out girls confirm their attraction to you by doing you favors. So effortlessly attracting favors and gifts and interest gestures and IOIs and chasing from girls so they invest more and more into you effortlessly.

  • Inspiring situations and events where more and more of your ideal girls happen to go to where you are, so you meet more of them just by “coincidence”.

  • The ability to be a Badboy to women who desire that, and a good solid guy to women who want that. Basically, appearing to be the ideal man for whatever type of hookup or relationship you’re looking for to the girl.

  • Letting go of “trying” and “doing”, and deeply realizing that you are attractive just by who you are, by your masculinity and your presence. So you stop any needy or qualifying behavior, and the girl never feels you’re trying to get her. You’re just doing you, being an attractive man and she’s attracted without you pursuing her. Women really get repulsed by any whiff of a guy doing something to get them because that implies he’s not a catch but rather she is the catch, she is the one that is hard for him to find, rather than him being that.

  • Inspiring women to let go of all their inhibitions and feeling an uncontrollable desire for you at all times.

  • I remember that Marlon Brando in the 50s attracted women just by his walk and the look in his eyes. He didn’t even need to say anything. So us picking such walks from real life naturals and TV characters effortlessly, so that our body language becomes sex personified to women.

  • Knowing how much to tease women and have a cocky sense of humor, yet reading women like an open book so that you never push them away or offend TOO MUCH.

  • Emanating dominance, even in your eyes, and staying totally unaffected and unreactive to women’s shit test.

  • Women becoming addicted to you and feeling a sense of extreme joy and happiness and safety and excitement just by your presence.

  • Girls just not being able to stop thinking about you, daydreaming about you and fantasizing about you when you’re not there. And being eager to see you again.

  • For introverted men: I am personally an introvert. After about an hour or two of being social, I feel totally drained and can’t be social anymore. This is fucked up. Extroverts have the ability to gain more energy from social interactions. So if you add to this sub a module on being able to get more energy from social interactions and by being around other people, that it makes you feel stronger, happier and limitless in your energy, that would be great!

@Fire @SaintSovereign