This is why I love you guys!! You keep pushing the technology further, and surprising us in every way!


What is the reason that this would be important?


Why would you build massive amounts of sexual energy just to waste it?


What I mean why within 1-2 hours? What happens with the sexual energy within that time frame?

It would be more logical to recommend a NOFAP period or only masturbating once a week. Unless something subconscious will happen within those first 1-2 hours that is programmed into Libertine.


No, it’s not that – its just that it’ll be extremely hard NOT to do it after listening to Libertine for about 1-2 hours.


Libertine pre-order available:


So, technically, might’ve also been one of the reasons for you guys suggesting people to listen to your track multiple times one after another, not spread around the whole day, because there will be just one moment in a day (not two or three) for people to cool off and reground themselves after being filled more (?) with sexual energy. :smiley:





Subliminal Club won’t stop.
Subliminal Club can’t stop.
Subliminal Club doesn’t even know HOW to stop.


So where is “Journeys” on the timeline?


Beyond Limitless is the new name for “Journeys.”


That’s cool that it increases your sexual energy. One of the most powerful energy there is. Sex is fun and all but I think for those that want their business or other wealth attaining aspects of life to improve using this, with mogul or AG and the sex transmutation chapter of “Think and Grow Rich”, fully understanding that concept would be killer stack.


I see, so Beyond All Limits will power Limitless and Alchemist, this is great! Limitless is an exceptional subliminal track.
And Journeys will come in the future.


Okay, you have my attention!


Oh so I’m guessing there’s a new name for “Beyond All Limits” since it’s a bit too similar to “Beyond Limitless”.


So any issues with simply listening to Libertine and Beyond Limitless back to back as a daily practice? I would figure not but best to clarify.

What is “Alchemist” or has that title become one of the other subliminals?


We make all our products with the intent of experimentation in mind, so yes, but it will depend also on you and how it works for you.

An upcoming spiritual subliminal. :wink:

Libertine questions

Will there be a Supercharger for the wealth Subliminals? I definitely can use a supercharge in my financial life.


Yeeeep. It’s on the roadmap.