Libertine questions


I listen khan every day and libertine randomly. I am just curious if i can improve my listening habits. Not sure what matters if i have a girlfriend


Because Libertine is most powerfully used before interacting with a girl or having sex with a girlfriend.
Then, when you see the reactions, you will automatically stick to it.

Are you doing it more for a Tantric reason, to gather and increase sexual energy?


I am using it because i like being on a sexual mindset constantly. Whether that means being more flirtatious or getting approached easier or beating approaching anxiety


I don’t know if Libertine supercharger now comes with Libertine subliminal bonus but it surely make you 24 hour a day sexually arosed.


I am not sure what you mean


Ok. When Libertine was initially released, the package contained two programs: Libertine the Supercharger and Libertine Ultrasonic Bonus.

Libertine Supercharger is a voice hypnosis/meditation + ultrasonic layer.
Libertine Ultrasonic Bonus is pure ultrasonic subliminal.

I think that listening Libertine Supercharger more than 1-2 times a day is an overkill. I would personally be tired to listen it more than once, just like any other Supercharger program.

Libertine Ultrasonic Bonus, on the other hand is a 30 minute silent program, which is aimed to achieve the same goal as a Supercharger. Listening it for 1-2 hours uplifts mine sexual vibe and desire MUCH higher than any other program, even than Sex Mastery X2. I’m thinking about sex, I feeling desire for sex… okey, I’M A SEX :):laughing:


I will check if i have two tracks. I am using the first track you described


I am pretty sure Khan ST2, and for sure Khan ST3 has something similar to that Libertine stacking module. I am on ST2, and I am enjoying a comfortable mild level of sexual energy all the time.

Sex Mastery X2 though gives me the strongest sexual energy and sexual mindset though.


Just a tiny addition I just came across in my daily backlog digest…

So in theory it’s possible to run them close together like you suggested:

At least, I assume there’s not a lot of time between those two moments.

Of course, I’m only halfway through the supercharger dev thread…

I also saw the warning about not masturbating for two hours, it cracked me up. I really HAVE to try Libertine now. Reminded me of the technique Churchill and some other great leaders supposedly practiced of edging themselves to build up the sexual energy which was then used (arguably) more productive. Tried it for a while. It works, but it does lead to blue nuts syndrome, and that can physically hurt.


Mix Libertine with Sex Mastery X2.

You’ll LOVE yourself.

Thank me later :wink:


You got moaning on there?! Oh, I’m so getting this! Saint must have had so much fun making Libertine. Makes you wonder what went through the voice actress’ mind when she was recording the track. She may not have known what the background music would be, but I can only assume the voice-track is… descriptive.

Tell me, please, @AMASH. Southern Belle or Proper English Girl? It HAS to be one of those.


I did and she said she had a blast. :wink:


All I can say is: it’s not a Southern Belle :smirk:


Thanks! To both of you!

I suppose for the articulation in an induction, it would have to be the Proper English Girl, very sexy in her own right. Still, I would pay to have a Southern Belle record the same audio track and listen to them both. That sultry, sexy, dreamy accent…

Hold on, I’m getting Libertine effects here without listening. Time out for Darko! :slight_smile:


I am not sure i want to mix heavy scripts since i am already running KHAN. I think khan+sex mastery+libertine might be too heavy


I think all the sex you’ll be having as a result will keep you from running them. Chicken, meet egg.

On a more serious note, I believe AMASH runs Khan by itself, but charges up with one or more cycles of the other two only when needed/desired. Like before one of his great many dates. :slight_smile:



It’s Khan 99% of the time.


How long does being in the zone last


That is dependent on the person.


@Fire Does it have any scripting to manifest women? Thank you in advance.