Before we talk about the Subliminal Supercharger product, just want to make a few good announcements. First, for those that didn’t know, when building our products, @Fire would script and I would do the audio work, as I have a background in music production / audio engineering and the expensive production computer to do the work. However, thanks the explosion in growth we’ve experienced thanks to our loyal customers and partners, we’ve been able to purchase a second production machine for @Fire. Being the incredibly intelligent person that he is, he’s quickly learning the audio engineering principles behind how we build our subs. As a result, soon @Fire will be handling subliminal production from start to finish. He will also be developing the “stacking modules” line.

That opens time for me to develop the SubClub Prime platform, update the older subliminals to PrimalTech and – the subject of this post – develop the Subliminal Supercharger series.

So – what IS the supercharger? We’re not ready to release all the details yet, but we will say this – it’s a “hybrid” track of sorts, incorporating roughly ten different mental alchemy techniques into one, 15 - 30 minute audio file. We’ve consulted a staggering number of consultants and experts while developing the technology – hypnotherapists, linguists, NLP specialists, musicians, and mental alchemists of various disciplines – and discovered a way to supercharge your results.

To use the supercharger, you’ll have to find a quiet place where you can meditate, listen and just let go. Each supercharger will be designed to take you through a gamut of emotions, thoughts and feelings. While listening, don’t “latch on” to any of them, or deny yourself of any emotion. Just let the sounds move you. Ideally, you’d want to listen for 30 minutes, but we’re attempting to limit the supercharger’s length to 15 minutes for those with children or other responsibilities that would interrupt usage. If you can, you’ll want to listen to 2-3 sessions.

Each supercharger will have a theme, and is associated with a particular subliminal. The “subliminal” parts of the supercharger will be linked with its associated subliminal. However, you don’t NEED the subliminal to get results – the supercharger will give results on it’s own. For example, the first supercharge – Journeys – is meant to “supercharge” Ascension, Ascended Mogul and Emperor, since it deals with personal power. The second, “Beyond All Limits” (working title), will supercharge Limitless and the upcoming Alchemist subliminal.

Superchargers will be priced at 19.99 standalone, or $9.99 when purchased with another subliminal. EVERYONE who purchases a subliminal before before the release of Journeys will get a $10 dollar off coupon. Also, all superchargers will be included with SubClub PRIME.


Great news, I am ready!

About the Supercharger order, why not start with the Primal one, since that is the most anticipated release coming up soon, to release it near / at the same time as Primal will make it a no brainer buy. Plus, it leaves enough time to updating Ascension etc to PrimalTech before releasing the associated Supercharger with it :wink:


From a business perspective, yes, this would be perfect. That being said, while we’re offering the Subliminal Supercharger as a “add-on,” understand that it’s a completely separate, full-featured product. Each title has to be developed from scratch and takes just as long as creating a subliminal – especially since there’s a musical element that we have to get perfect, as it’s ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to the product’s efficacy (but lemme stop talking before @Fire bonks me =D). When we started researching the technology, Primal was still just an idea, so we based everything on Ascension, Ascended Mogul and Emperor. So yeah, we’d make tons of money pairing one with Primal… but it’d be a subpar product. Can’t do that to ya’ll.


Thank you for the answer @SaintSovereign

Btw, what is this Alchemist thou speath of? :wink:


You asking who we consulted or what is mental alchemy?


This is what got me VERY curious.


hahaha, did I spoil it??? I could’ve sworn @Fire had mentioned it already. In that case, let’s just say it’s for those who want to explore the recesses of their minds. :wink:


Nice, so I had two things I wanted to ask about:

  1. When you say: " If you can, you’ll want to listen to 2-3 sessions." Does that mean there are multiple superchargers that deal with the same thing, or it’s the same one, but we listen to it multiple times a day?

  2. Are you going to be the next Denver Clay @SaintSovereign? :wink:


I meant the same one, listening multiple times a day, or back to back. No two superchargers are going to deal with the EXACT same subject matter. There will be some that overlap.


This sounds pretty interesting, I’m certainly anticipating what is to come from this. I’m curious on what you mean by mental alchemy or mental alchemy techniques, I can’t seem to find what it means?


So a sort of short hypnosis track as a complement to the sub? I like that idea.

Are the superchargers intended to be used with headphones? I am figuring that would be the optimal method for listening.


One thing I would say is that the shorter you can make these and still have them be effective the better. 15 or 20 minutes will make it easier to develop a daily habit of listening.

I do have a daily habit cultivated of listening to 20 to 30 minute hypnosis tracks. I have noticed though that it is far harder to maintain that habit with a 40-50 minute track.


Yes, they’re intended for headphone use due to the nature of the product, but if you have really good speakers in an area where you can relax, that works too. If you have something that can cover your eyes, that’s a plus too.


I listen to hypnosis mp3s through a light and sound machine with headphones.


This is very exciting. Will the superchargers feature audible words or will the words be hidden beneath the music? I’m glad you’re releasing the superchargers for existing subliminals first instead of Primal.


Coincidence or not but I’m reading the book name Transcendence by Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski and there much info 'bout alchemy. Field trip, no less :slight_smile:


There are audible words, as well as a subliminal track.


I often listen to Hypnosis audios just before drifting to sleep. It’s the most convenient time, and the time I am sure to consistently use them.

I hope these supercharger will not have the typical hypnosis ending of: Now you feel awake, refreshed, full of energy and ready to take on the day! Because that jolt of energy messes up my sleep. It is better if it is left unspecific so one can use it then peacefully drift to sleep or in the morning to start the day, or whenever.

Also, what voice are you planning to use @SaintSovereign ? Is it one of you guys, or are you going to hire someone?

If you’d hire someone, please make it a girl with a sultry voice, also one who believes in the words said. It is just too obvious when someone is reading off a script, it is distracting, even if they try to sound sexy or cool, if they don’t put real emotions behind the words, it still sounds fake and un-involving.


Trust me when I say, you’ve never heard a track like this before. Like everything we do, we aim to innovate. This isn’t your standard “hypnosis track.”


Glad to hear that. I said so because you said you consulted hypnotists and NLP experts.