Main Dev. Thread - Power Can Corrupt (Now Available!)



Just like we did with DREAMS, the person who can make the closest guess to our next subliminal gets it for free. And yes, @Smythsonian – it’s a single stage. :wink:

Hint that’s so obscure, if anyone gets it right, I’ll be incredibly impressed:



I am going to guess its a weapon x platform mastery sub like a remake of gaming mastery or something having to do with gambling or stocks
Probably gambling maybe specifically something to do with blackjack or texas hold’em or maybe casino mastery of some sort
Or Stock mastery

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Exceptional good luck sub?

Gladstone Gander is a Walt Disney fictional character created in 1948 by comic artist and writer Carl Barks. He is an anthropomorphic male goose (or gander) who possesses exceptional good luck that grants him anything he desires as well as protecting him from any harm.


What if the images are a deception lol. Like they mean exact opposite what we see or think


The plot thickens…



Hahaha, I promise there’s a direct correlation between the images and the sub. :wink:


developing the ability to stay super cool under even the most extreme situations. Like a navy seal or a spy or a million dollar heist.


Maybe it’s a hair growth subliminal for balding men :smiley:

All guys in the photos have hair, and the pin looks like a thick head of hair!


Maybe it’s primal seduction IT for gay men.


Maybe it has something to do with leading people or helping people remember things maybe like a Shepard would lead his people


The Subliminal is related to give more masculine physical/facial changes.


Penis enhancer. First man is sad because he has a small penis. Then he ran subliminal, made it big and some people on the last photo became envious, some were happy for him and other respected him for that.:slightly_smiling_face:





HINT: Think a bit more symbolic. Who is the person in the first picture…?


Maybe a jack of all trades sub lol


Charisma of a hollywood-star. Im just not sure what it is about those pins (yet)


Wait a minute!

According to the new Roadmap the next subliminal( not a supercharger) should be Emperor Fitness… Or am I missing something? :smiley:



ok, first image, Shephard was part of Oceanic 6, the LOST survivors who made it back home. Oceanic 6 connects with Ocean’s 13. Pin connects with home?

Is this about finding true self? Connecting back to source?