Main Dev. Thread - New Dawn


New Dawn is the name of our latest scripting and build platform. It’s more than just a pretty name or marketing fluff – this name represents what could be one of the biggest breakthroughs we’ve discovered so far. We thought we were reaching new levels with Primal Tech v2, but @Fire had a last minute discovery that sent things spiraling in a different direction. Hence the name, “New Dawn.” When we finish this, it’ll essentially serve as a relaunch for Subliminal Club, as we can GUARANTEE that no other producer will be using the same methods New Dawn uses.

We’re going to engage in both public and private user testing to help gather feedback for the platform. As such, we’ll be releasing “Ascension New Dawn” as a free experimental very soon to those who have purchased Ascension. If you decide to run Ascension New Dawn, however, please note that we’re advising that you do not mix it with other subliminals at the start. Give yourself a week of testing to accurately provide us with feedback and ensure that it won’t overload you.

Some of you may receive invite e-mails to a private forum, where we will test very vital parts of New Dawn. Those who are selected will be required to sign an NDA / confidentiality agreement.

I, for one, am so excited for New Dawn that I can barely contain it. For @Fire and I, it represents the start of a dream – that powerful self-development tools should be reasonably priced and that EVERYONE should have access to them.

Post comments and questions in this thread.

EDIT: This is “Ascension New Dawn v1,” as the New Dawn platform is in its infancy and we may need to test further versions.

NOTICE: Those of you interested in private testing, please take the following test and PM me your results:


This sounds wicked awesome!!!

Can’t wait to see Emperor, Mogul, and Ascension in new dawn.


Man I like experimenting, hope I am selected.


Define " Very Soon"


I would love to be part of the test group.


Awesome! It all sounds very promising. Excited to test upgraded Ascension when it’s released.


02-06-19 @ 6:20 PM;
Can’t wait to read up on the results of this new build method…


@SaintSovereign @Fire

What is Primal Tech 2 please - it’s cited a fair bit on the upcoming stuff, and despite trying the search function - I couldn’t find a clear cut explanation as to what it is and what it does ?


@SaintSovereign By not listening to other subliminals does that include Godlike Masculinity?


I am curious about what is the difference between New Dawn and Primal Tech V2? It seems New Dawn is a new way to script and build subs that was discovered during the working of some paradigm shifting tech. Fire in his journal said that Primal Tech could be stronger than expected, does that mean that New Dawn is a part of Primal Tech V2 or is it an upgraded version of Primal Tech V2? Or maybe something else completely I am confused!


We were working on PrimalTech v2, and @Fire discovered something that intrigued us both. When we tested the idea, the implications of the initial results blew us away, but it’ll require us to build subliminals in a vastly different manner than before. We could possibly be resetting all of our subs and having to build them from scratch. Hence, “New Dawn.”


Yes. If you’re testing Ascension New Dawn, listen to only that sub. Testing sounds a lot more fun than it is, everyone, so be sure you REALLY want to test before you do. Sometimes, experimental programs do absolutely nothing. The way Ascension New Dawn v1 is built, you may get extraordinary results, you may get little to nothing.

We’re expecting that a certain part of the population that will receive much better results and for others to go immediately into reconciliation.

Those of you interested in private testing, please take the following test and PM me your results:

Taking the test doesn’t guarantee acceptance into private testing.


Test results sent


Does this mean we will have access to re-downloading the subliminals we have on our downloads page?


I’m confused by your question. We never revoke access to your purchases.


If you do start from scratch on them are you going to change the script on them a bit?



What I meant was that if you rebuild your subliminal line-up, will you upload the rebuilt subliminals to our download pages - assuming we’ve already purchased the products.

Example: I bought Mogul. If SubClub remakes Mogul with the New Dawn process, will I get a copy of the New Dawn-build of Mogul in my downloads page?


If you already bought the subliminal and it gets upgraded later on, you will get the upgrade for free. It will show up in your downloads.


@Fire could you please tell us about what we can expect from PrimalTech v2 if A New Dawn is a success? No proprietary stuff, but things like: whether you can include more modules in the same amount of time? Or it will cause less reconciliation? Or you can attack things from different angles?

Just wondering about what is so exciting in A New Dawn that will take PrimalTech v2 to the next level. What results did you think you can give clients before A New Dawn, and what will A New Dawn make possible?


Possibly. Some of the scripts have to change in order to fit New Dawn. Not all programs are suitable for New Dawn and will remain PrimalTech v2.