Main Dev. Thread -- Beyond Limitless


Take a step into the beyond, into the realm of unlimited knowledge and wisdom, with Beyond Limitless.

Beyond Limitless is designed to take you even further into unlocking your capacity of learning using powerful conscious and subconscious guidance that works in tandem.

It is specifically made to supercharge Limitless, creating a powerful effect on your subconscious and conscious minds, allowing you to memorize easier and more, to study for longer periods, recall information instantaneously, and more.

Use it if you desire maximum benefit from Limitless, once or twice in the morning, and you will start noticing a deeper connection being created between your conscious and subconscious minds.

You will be able to easily access information stored in your subconscious, and be able to wield it with the proficiency of an expert, thanks to the powerful supercharging effects it creates on Limitless.

No more doubting yourself or your intelligence. No more studying and forgetting when needed.

Learning has now become even easier.

What would you do, if you knew you could learn anything?

Pre-Order now.

Khan combined with libertine

Thank you! I personally believe Limitless may be the best learning enhancement product on the market today, so if Beyond Limitless can do as well as Libertine, I’m totally in. Looking forward to testing this out.

You guys are on fire. Spoiling us with options, but also giving us enough choice for ultimate customization based on exactly what we need in our lives, and by how much.


We’re only getting started. Our goal is to be the largest and most effective self-development platform in the world. In terms of devotion to growing the business, I deliberately turned down a promotion with a pay raise just because I knew it would take time away from developing SubClub.


DONE! You guys are changing the world and it’s exciting to be here at the beginning.


Just finished a solid version of Beyond Limitless. For those who use it properly, you’re in for a treat. It takes a different, yet novel approach to the end goal than Libertine did. I used this prototype twice today and I noticed a difference in mental acuity and creativity for about 2 hours. Hoping with regular use, the effects will last all day. I intend on running this myself, 2x every morning for six months.

EDIT: Also, the pre-order bonus is the BEYOND LIMITLESS stack module, written to specifically target thinking / processing speed and creativity.


That’s both very exciting and very innovative :slight_smile:

I noticed that Mogul is posted on your site as a Creativity sub as well. So, will Beyond Limitless enhance the creativity elements of Mogul?

And more specifically, does Beyond Limitless only enhance the stand alone Limitless, or all subliminals that have a Limitless module, such as Emperor, Primal, etc?


Honestly, you could use Beyond Limitless as a standalone to boost your creativity period. It does have an underlying stack module that hooks into Limitless standalone the most, but it will hook into anything that has creativity scripting. So, yes – it’ll supercharge even the Limitless within “non-creative” programs.

If all goes well with Beyond Limitless and people get good results, the supercharger line may become more a standalone product, with “hooks” into existing programs. Prices won’t necessarily change, unless we make them longer (admittedly, the 10 minute limit is hindering some of the cool stuff I want to do).


This sounds like a great idea! Maybe have Superchargers as 10 minute units, and a new type of product which is more standalone that doesn’t have this limit and at a different price point.

Attacking the same problem from different angles, and offers your customers different options that fit both their budget and their time disposability is always a plus.


Nah, we already have three product lines, adding a fourth isn’t the solution I want. We’ll just stick with what we have for now.


Will the Superchargers get periodic updates like the Subliminals?


If necessary, yes.


I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am to use this new supercharger.

Thanks for all the hard work.


I am looking forward to this one, too. My plan is, at the very least, to play it and Libertine back to back at night and in the mornings as I have time. Should be interesting.


Since the recommended listen time is at least 2x, why not make the limit 20 minutes which is the minimum anyway? I think that is a positive compromise that adds more value without making it take too long for the average person to procrastinate.


20 minutes may be too long for how Beyond Limitless works. You need to be able to concentrate to get the best usage of it, and 20 minutes is a long time for a beginner to do that.


Work recommencing on Beyond Limitless. Had to take a break after that disappointing nonsense from earlier, but the show must go on. Just put the final touches on the music backing track. I usually don’t do this, but here’s a one minute sample of what to expect.


I liked that Demo.

Very engaging and very dreamy / creativity inducing at the same time.

It may even be more polished than Libertine!


What’s the difference between a supercharger and a stack module? I thought they were the same. Sorry, I know you must have explained this in previous threads but I overlooked or forgot it.


The supercharger is a 10 minute track you meditate to. Its purpose is to align the conscious and unconscious mind.

The stack module is a subliminal that enhances one specific module of any of the major programs. For example, Ascension has Rebirth, Aura, and Godlike Masculinity in it already. If you’re running Ascension but you feel you want to be more masculine, you would add in Godlike Masculinity to your stack to enhance that one specific aspect.


Can it be stacked with Emperor?