Main Dev. Thread - 12


Whatever it is, I’m ready.


He is drunk and got his words all mixed up he is asking whether anyone has seen the movie twelve Monkeys.


It could also be the 12 laws of the universe


My guess is it’s a sub to help overcome addictions of all kinds. The working title coming from the Twelve-Step programs.

Sits back in eager anticipation

EDIT: OR…something related to either the Zodiac or the Twelve Colonies of Kobol :wink:

A zodiac sub with a focus on astrological stuff… but I’m still learning toward a sub that dissolved the underlying patterns that give rise to addictive behaviour.


What are the 12?


As Above & So Below superchargers…


12 EXECUTIVE functions :rofl:


backing this theory now.


I am not sure @SaintSovereign wrote “12 is coming” not “are coming” …


You know, it’s been more than 20 years since the Doomsday Clock was set at 12 minutes to midnight. Given where it is now, 12 minutes would make a lifetime of difference.

I really wish I could make cryptic jokes about 12 crystal skulls and the seat of all knowledge, but I think there were 13 skulls. At least the council responsible for them numbered 13.

For those that think the crystal skull only exists in Indiana Jones movies, the actual crystal skull was found by and is still owned by a family in the US. They made a little museum for it. If you ever go there, look deep into its eye sockets and you will see your deeper self reflected in them. Apparently quite the experience. Supposedly it is not the original one though, but one of the 12 copies. The original one has not been found yet.


@Malkuth - as much as I would love to be right, @Avengers68 does make a good point:

Possible that it is one product with some significance to the number 12


Yeah, I think this, I was stoked to see if they were also going to release a map of what is going up :slight_smile:

Maybe some new tech or something we can’t know for sure!

Like, If I make a new customs to try and fix my problems, will I want to modify it a month from now because of some new product or tech :wink:


Oh, it’s a new computer with a 12 Core Processor. :sweat_smile:


Like a monkey ready to be shot into space. Space monkey. Ready to sacrifice himself for the greater good.

Consider the first monkeys shot into space. Without pain, without sacrifice, we are nothing.


Imagine they would announce that! Ultima title with name embedded :wink:


Name-embedding for the major programs maybe.


I want to order my 3rd custom sub in the next 2 hours.
@SaintSovereign:should I wait a couple of days?
Because it sounds interesting this announcement of the “12”


12 disciples - ever wanted to start your own religion? Now you can!


I also want to order some more maybe because I am an addict… Or maybe because I keep switching my main objectives :joy:


The pardox-I’m sure I’ll love whatever next, and I’m in no rush yet…is it bad that.every morning the drive to check for updates makes it just a lil bit easier to get out of bed :man_shrugging:

The silence and lack of resolution is acting like Carpe Diem on me.