Luther's WANTED custom journal

I used Wanted ZP (the main title in the store) for many months.
I want to run the core in a custom alongside some cool modules because why not lol.

Feel free to ask me anything or write anything in my journal!
All comments, thoughts, recommendations, suggestions, questions, insights, etc are welcome and appreciated.

Anyways, I haven’t purchased the custom yet (will do in like 1-2 months).

I finalized it 9 days ago and I’m pretty sure that I won’t change anything.

  1. WANTED Core
  2. Aura of Craving
  3. Divine Self-Image
  4. Earthshaker – Sexuality
  5. Edge of Danger
  6. Elegance
  7. Entranced
  8. Ethereal Presence
  9. Gorgeous Manifestor
  10. Perfect Style & Smell
  11. Physicality Shifter – Sexiness
  12. Seducer’s Gaze
  13. Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver
  14. Sexiness Unbound
  15. Sexual Manifestation
  16. Temptation

I should probably share my thought process in creating this custom lol.

I’ll go through each of the included modules, my expectation for them and how I plan to consciously guide them.

  1. WANTED Core:

A masterpiece of a subliminal! I already gave WANTED ZP a whopping 11/10 in my review. I used it for a long time and this entire custom is built around it. This subliminal is designed to turn you into the irresistible hot guy that women lust after, pursue and can’t get enough of.

  1. Aura of Craving:

I call this the “pull” module. An intense aura of craving that makes people crave you and your presence. This is meant to create that “craving” pull in general and with women. It’s like a superpower! This was an obvious pick for me and I can see this module enhancing almost every other module in this custom.

  1. Divine Self-Image:

WANTED already helps with body image but I feel like adding this module can expand on that and flesh it out in a more complete manner. The real key to physical shifting is loving and accepting yourself as you are. In my experience, it’s that expansion and raising of vibration which opens the door for all the magical stuff. What this means is that the desire for the changes are not being fueled by feelings of inferiority or low self-esteem. WANTED seems to have a built-in process through its manifestation that addresses these types of things. Adding a module like Divine Self-Image can help me put more emphasis on those types of obstacles that are limiting my attractiveness. I don’t want to look like someone else or compare my looks, body or mind to others. I want to become the best version of myself and the way I frame a subliminal like WANTED is as a subset of that overall goal, where I’m unlocking the most attractive, authentic and uniquely beautiful/sexy version of myself. It’s also nice to have at least 1 healing module in my custom that fits super well with everything.

  1. Earthshaker – Sexuality:

I call this the “head turner” module. So through this module and Aura of Craving, I’ve basically (in my logic) given WANTED a built in “head turner” (powerful air of sexuality) and a “pull” effect (aura of craving). Earthshaker - Sexuality will likely work well with Aura of Craving and it’s easy to see how they could potentially play off each other. A powerful air of sexuality around me + the head turner effect of this module will easily enhance every other module in this custom.

Aura of Craving and Earthshaker - Sexuality work well in relation to each other, work well in amplifying Wanted Core and also work well in relation to every other module in the custom. Divine Self-Image is an important healing module that will expand upon type the main type of healing process that is already present in WANTED.

That’s 4/16 modules. I’ll do the rest later lol.

  1. Edge of Danger

One of the most important modules in the custom! It creates an exciting, barely perceptible sense of danger around you. I feel like this compliments WANTED far too well. Edge of Danger with WANTED sounds dangerously fun. The tricky part of this module is that it says you must have developed social skills in order to use it. That’s probably because it could potentially just scare everybody away lol. I have great social skills and a high vibration so I’m not worried about scaring people away. I believe that WANTED itself will offset any negative potential of this module because of the halo effects. The idea is that women are already swooning due to WANTED and the aura of danger meshes with the aura of mystery in a way that amplifies total sexual attraction. The aura of danger is not going to be a standalone thing, it’s going to contribute to the context and archetype. It will be completely filtered and consciously guided through different dynamics of attractiveness and sexuality. That is, in my opinion, the key in its implementation. To even further ensure and maximize the desired function of this module, I have other modules in my custom that will help filter it such as Aura of Craving, Temptation, Earthshaker - Sexuality, Elegance, Ethereal Presence, Seducer’s Gaze, etc.

  1. Elegance

This will help add a layer of otherworldly grace to my movements in a way that fits me perfectly and is incredibly pleasing to the eye. The emphasis of this beautiful intangible will only add on to the attractiveness of WANTED. Elegance will enhance nearly every other module in the custom. The physical shifting of WANTED for me, gives me a dark look while masculinizing my face and body. Elegance can help provide an alluring contrast to that heavy primal factor. It can also provide some contrast to Edge of Danger, automatically creating an irresistible charisma.

  1. Entranced

Another extremely important module in the custom. It helps you entrances other and capture their attention in a hypnotic way. Entranced, like Edge of Danger won’t be acting standalone but will be filtered and given extreme context + conscious guidance in order to compliment everything in the most optimal way. Entranced will enhance every other module in the custom and amplify all of the attractive, visual and attention grabbing elements (both physical and non-physical). It will work well with Elegance, Edge of Danger, Aura of Craving, Earthshaker - Sexuality, Seducer’s Gaze, Ethereal Presence, etc and of course WANTED Core (aura of mystery), which all of the modules are built around anyway. Including Entranced in this custom simply takes everything to the next level.

7/16 modules, I’ll do more tomorrow.


This is like a TV show on HBO max. Every week one Episode :).


How about result enhancement modules? DEUS, Current Invoker., Natural Winner, Yggdrasil, etc.


You forgot Libertine :man_shrugging:t3::smiling_imp::fire:

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I thought about those but none of them really stuck out to me lol. I didn’t have any results enhancement modules in my last custom and it all worked very fast as intended.

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Yet, there are still four more slots in your custom and going with some boosters would amplify your results. On top of that, the ladies would be more than happy if you added Diamond to your custom.

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Since my results are already fast and I have strong manifestations, I personally don’t see the point in adding boosters. I just want the specific results of the modules in the ZP format.

Diamond is something I would prefer to run separately.

Same with Libertine, lol.

  1. Ethereal Presence

This module helps you stand out and makes you inspire others to perceive your features as more beautiful and wonder whether you are even real. It will compliment WANTED and enhance every other module in the custom. It can create that otherworldly “dreamy” element which is deadly when combined with attractiveness.

  1. Gorgeous Manifestor

A manifestation module that will highly increase the ratio of beautiful and approachable women around you. For everything that this custom does, there is still the targeted demographic to consider as it’s a big piece in the puzzle. When I run WANTED, I easily manifest women into my life. It especially ramped up in the later months, with more and more attractive high quality women coming out of nowhere. This module will help me put emphasis on all of that directly, ensuring that I have a receptive audience to all of the attractiveness/intangibles. I also like the idea of increasing the ratio of beautiful women around me wherever I go. Even if I’m not interested in them, it’s just nice to have them around in general, lol.

  1. Perfect Style & Smell

A module for impeccably flawless style and smelling amazing. Smell so good that you turn heads! When I ran WANTED, I did manifest a cologne that women gave me a lot of compliments on. It feels too basic though and I feel like I can go more in-depth with combinations etc with my fashion style and scents. I don’t think there’s a limit to how perfect your style and smell can be and there’s also the ZP aspect which tailors to your individuality. I have added this module for increased emphasis in expanding upon these unique expressions of myself. Perfect Style & Smell also enhances every other module in the custom.

  1. Physicality Shifter – Sexiness

This module will help me become the most physically sexy version of myself. You can’t go wrong with more sexiness… Limitless sexiness for everyone! Lol. Physicality Shifter - Sexiness will help in increasing sex appeal/attractiveness and will also amplify every other module in the custom.

11/16 modules, I will knock out the last 5 later.


You have a LOT of auras in here. General recommendation is max 2 aura modules.

  • Aura of craving
  • Earthshaker - sexuality
  • Edge of Danger
  • Either 7, or 8, can’t remember which.

That’s 4 modules of all auras.

Plus a bunch of sexy inducing modules.

Why not pick one of those aura modules, and then run AURA (the standard aura module) to enhance and create exactly the aura that you’re trying to create with this custom.

Replace edge of danger with Fenrir to add a tinge of danger to the aura, you already have a TON of sexy modules in here, so earthshaker sexuality will be in the aura, and seducer’s gaze + instant spark + sexiness unbound will act as the aura replacement for modules #7/8.

Not sure 100% why only 2 auras max is recommended, but check why, and then decide if you want to ignore the recommendation or adhere to it.

If you want a really powerful aura, I’d probably scrap all the auras, and then only have AURA and Auric Overdriver as aura modules.

PS: Have you thought about adding Khan ST 4 in this like @Friday did?

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I only have 2 aura modules, lol.

Aura of Craving and Edge of Danger.

Earthshaker - Sexuality, Ethereal Presence and Entranced are not classified as aura modules.

The maximum is 3, not 2. The “why” is explained here in this support article:

I did consider it but I prefer to run Khan ST4 separately.


@friday can you remind me which modules aren’t officially listed as auras but are auras? Definitely Earthshaker - Sex… one of the two 7/8’s though, right?

Anyways, @Luther24, if you’re only looking at official auras as defined by the store, 100% you only have 2 aura modules. I’m kinda referring to some side tangent stuff rather than official rec’s anyways

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  1. Seducer’s Gaze

A magnetic gaze that becomes more profound over time! This module provides another intangible that can help add on to the attraction. It will help develop a gaze that lures, attracts and seduces. Seducer’s Gaze will also be enhanced by all of the other modules in the custom, especially ones like Entranced.

  1. Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver

Modifies the perceptions others have of you into a state of supreme handsomeness and develops your inner sensuality. You can’t go wrong with improving your handsomeness and sensuality! This module enhances all of the other modules in the custom.

  1. Sexiness Unbound

This module will help improve my inner sexiness, while further developing and magnifying my overall sexiness. This is like the inner game for sexiness whereas Physicality Shifter - Sexiness is like the outer game. Inner and Outer sexiness! This module will enhance all of the other modules in the custom.

  1. Sexual Manifestation

Sexual Manifestation manifests people in general for the purpose of having a sexual encounter. This will play off of Gorgeous Manifestor and increase the likelihood of sexual encounters occurring (have to take action of course). This module fits well in the custom.

  1. Temptation

A module focused around making you so attractive that you easily tempt the people around you. This will expand upon the coquette behavior of WANTED and provide more emphasis. This module will also enhance and work well with all of the other modules in the custom.

That’s 16/16, I did it!


min char

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I have everything planned out now! I’ve been ahead of the game in life recently, planning things far ahead in advance. The intuitions are super strong these days.

The main stack that I’m currently running is Khan ST4, PCC and Libertine.

Sometime within the next 1-2 months, I’ll get this Wanted Custom and start running that. I’ll be sharing all the good stuff, such as how the modules manifest and how it compares to Wanted ZP.

Back to growing I go…


You are an inspiration :slight_smile:

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Success attracts Success

luther, do you know mbti? Are you enfj?

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I have no clue really, lol. I don’t know much about the Myers–Briggs type of stuff.

5 bucks says he’s ENTJ

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