Luther's 2023 journal

emperor +chosen

will upddate later


might actually stack khan and emperor together, never tried it

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It is still 2022, just saying :slight_smile:

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Hahaha, pretty relative. Already in feb 2023 here.

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yeah, I’ll go with myintuition so

december 21 - jan 1 = emperor+khan+chosen

january - june = emperor+khan+chosen

july- dec = probably will consider hom and eog


Ultimate Alpha stack :ok_hand:

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trying to break down my life and what I expect out of myself in 2023, what are my goals, etc:

Main Goals for 2023:

80% of focus wealth goal: double my current income

5% of focus - sex life goal: try out monogamy (might use heartsong at some point though im already transitioning, dont really need a sub for this)

5% of focus - physical goal: maintain fitness and get stronger (won’t really need a sub for this)

5% of focus - side goal: become proficient in at least 1 hobby (won’t really need a sub for this)

5% of focus - everything else (sleep, eat, shit, cook, etc)

non work-related socializing once a month max (hanging out, event, party, etc)

so, i’ve spent the last 3 days cleaning up the contacts in my phone. I now tell people once and if they keep pushing then I blatantly ignore them… if they call me I block their number. I don’t have time for shit anymore… If they come where I live, I’m phoning the cops, plain and simple. I don’t have time to explain to people, I don’t care. Of course this isn’t the healthiest way to go about it but I understand the ramifications and accept them. If they want to gossip, I don’t care. I’m really serious about my goals and not playing around. Fuck it I’m going to rant… you know, i blame men, because if there were more options out there then women would probably calm down a bit and not lose their f***ing minds when one of their options detract a bit. some scarcity bullshit, nobody owns me, I don’t care how much validation you get or how attractive you are. There’s really something in the water out here. Too much programming getting fed into their minds and just makes me want to detach even more. people are actually really crazy


on positive notes, my new work is beginning to pick up. Visualizing something and then seeing it happen has got to be one of the greatest feelings lol. Just amazement and euphoria.

christmas stuff is all handled and finished

i’m not doing anything for new years, I’m sitting this one out.

I have maximum time to myself and for my goals



Amen on that

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i don’t know why but advanced technology blows my mind…

I got a new phone and it literally feels like i time traveled or something, jesus christ they have 1440p screens in the phone

i swear to god just a few years ago it was 720p, what the fuck is going on around here lmao

i’ve been gaining new appreciation for technology, maybe a little too much.

unboxing my phone and playing around with it gave me insane amounts of dopamine… I’m too hsp and desensitized I get high from just doing normal shit lol

i don’t think people appreciate how fast, sleek, powerful and sexy these devices are

and what the hell something crazy just happened literally as I’m typing this…

so a delivery package came and I got something that I had refunded because the carrier had lost the package or something… so I literally got it for free… i don’t mind this at all hahaha


lol more synchronicity and weird shit @Badboi liked my music post

today i learned that someone got me a fragrance called BadBoy


just chilling right now, going to eat and then sleep…

khan doesn’t give me any recon, lol the sub is broken hahaha. on the serious note though, I do a lot of “advanced” stuff with these subs that I don’t tell anyone about… like conscious guidance but extreme so thats probably why

i find that the difficulty in khan nowadays has to do with constantly dialing myself down, sometimes over the top. feels like it’s always just me at war with myself and no one else exists. sounds bad for someone reading it but only I know what i mean by it and thats the only thing that matters. thats another recurring thing with khan, its this “I know and that’s the only thing that matters”, like you literally dont care what anyone thinks, it’s like you’re in a bubble. someone doesnt like you, don’t care. someone likes you, don’t care. it goes both ways, lol. feels very alien-like but fuck it, if its part of growth then whatever. feels like being at the center of reality and immune to anything external… very woo-woo like probably some internal power based perception going on. maybe I’m the only one, but i found that the more i developed in general, the less i care about things like status. might be a paradox of khan. yeah i really don’t care about shit as long as I’m steadily growing, healthy and have everything i want then I’m happy lol.

i’m also trying this new woo-woo shit of sexual transmutationing the jing reserves or whatever its called in order to get to my goals faster… not sure if its working.

other than that life is fucking amazing lol.


shoveling snow with no shirt on while listening to viking music >

wim hof is onto something with that cold stuff… people need to try this immediately lolol

sidenote, business is slow during these months but understandable


I would love to do the thing on his retreat where they climb a small mountain in freezing temperature in boots and shorts :muscle: If someone has a hard time with cold showers, try doing a set of Wim Hof before, works wonder…


hahaha lol i started doing cold showers but not super cold just normal cold. I was in the shower and my partner came in the bathroom i went “here, touch the water” she put her hand through and was like what the fuck lmao

whenever i listen to spartan i start doing weird shit like this, where my mind becomes exaggerated disciplines and i dont want to use blankets, or turn the heat on

i don’t think our caveman ancestors had all of this comfort!! i don’t know, there’s something very primal about working out and then taking a cold rinse… feels kind of badass

wimhof is kind of extreme i don’t know how he isnt getting hypothermia or frostbite in those extreme temperatures though i dont even know much about him lol


I started doing cold showers after I listened to Spartan for some time at the end of February 2022. Twice a day, morning, a night with max cold in my shower. Doing it ever since.

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He’s just a beast, and he has been shown to be able to consciously be able to affect and use his Vagus nerve and stuff. I imagine it’s the same as those advance monks that can manually set their thermometer, and have winter be like summer lol.

After a while it just becomes normal, and when you turn the heat on instead it’s just wtf is this haha. Mind is just a machine sometimes.

I remember a high achiver mentor I had years back. He always said that the sofa is a new thing, and to throw it out together with the TV, because it’s ruining your productivity.

There’s also guys like Tony Robbins that has a small hole as a pool with cold water in it. He goes stright from bed and plunge into that hole and then up and abooot his day.


damn yeah that’s some wild shit hahaha

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