Love Bombing a Stark Black Reality & Nouveau R.I.C.H

It’s time to begin a new stack to accomplish the ambitious goals I have for this year.

Love Bomb: to bring more self-love into my life & heal everything that can be healed through that. Also, I would like to improve drastically my relationships & build a successful social life.

A Stark Black Reality: to unlock my true potential financially, socially, romantically & cognitively.

Nouveau R.I.C.H.: to help ASBR work even better to forge incredible relationships, deals, partnerships, and great sales accomplishments & bring way more appreciation & gratitude into my daily life.

Today I started with 1 loop of Love Bomb for Humanity because it includes NLoE & it should be more effective than the current Love Bomb version. However, I will switch to the upcoming New Love Bomb when it is released.

About the updated LBfH, it feels heavier than the previous version & I’ll see how it works during the day & especially at work.


I’m feeling Genesis vibes once again & people are nicer too after several hours of recon mode induced by the full LBfH loop.

Yesterday at work I got a lot of glances , stares, fun moments, and people being happier than usual in my presence.

Another attractive girl, who was kinda cold towards me, was more open than usual & even made some banter (very unusual for her towards me too) after I left her because I was creating a workout plan for a client.

Today another pleasant & unexpected moment happened when a client told me that several clients were recommend to me because I’m the best for them. So the positive manifestations just started.


It looks like I’m running some kind of Genesis 2.0 because positive manifestations keeps coming to reinforce my true value as a person in this World.

It’s great to have a positive impact on people in general & make their experiences better. That’s the essence of my purpose I guess because it feels like coming home to have that kind of effect.

Smiles, positivity, openness & kindness are today’s main themes.

Girls are more open in my presence because I think they feel safe to expose themselves.

Let’s see how all these positive things will sinergize with ASBR & NRich tomorrow.

Talking about ASBR, slowly but surely I’m getting more comfortable to be in the spotlight to the point of enjoying it at times.

In other news I just started the Luxury Broker course & some mixed emotions came up.


Today I played 1 full loop of both ASBR & NRich & so far the recon is almost zero.

I felt the urge to buy something I procrastinated for several weeks (even though it was cheap) & take my watch to fix.

While following the Luxury Broker course I already started to reconnect with a famous youtuber in the luxury niche who contacted me first several years ago when I was an influencer on Instagram.

I realized the key to make those Subliminal inputs work well is to take action as soon as possible to build a large and powerful network.

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After I took a very pleasant & carefree walk near the lake enjoying the warm weather & having a 10 minutes sunbathing (obviously in clothes), I created a new LinkedIn account after several years of inactivity there. Also I’m getting more consistent to post on Instagram too so I can leverage its potential.

I need to use all the tools available out there to create a big targeted network.

I procrastinated a lot in the last few years on those matters because there wasn’t a real motivation to keep going on just for the ego flexing to reach a certain number of followers.

Right now I’m using Social Media as a tool without any emotional attachment.

I reconnected more with a former potential business partner which could be another asset for the new career I’m taking. The next week we’ll meet up for real to talk about her & my projects.

In other news, today I felt very balanced emotionally so I had an easier time taking the first steps to build my side business.

It felt like a gentle but firm & very persuasive push to take action.

Love Bombing the stack is the key to have a pleasant growth experience.

I feel that every person I interact with is picking up my positive attitude & he/she respond as well as (if not better) the previous cycles I had with Genesis. The effects are more & more evident as the time passes by during the interactions. At the beginning is just a little bit visible but it feels like a slow burning kind of effect/aura which I can feel projecting too because it feels so good.

In fact people who were becoming more cold towards me are reversing that behavior,to the point a client I thought I lost for good now wants to get my services.

Also, there’s definitely more confidence in that attitude with the re-awakening of my courageous side.

I guess Love Bomb in its different versions (LBfH, LB and Heartsong) is a keeper & will be a permanent title in every stack I’ll run in the future because it’s that good.

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1 full LBfH loop done with barely any recon in the following hours. People are treating me nicer because I feel this reassuring positivity & warmth inside. It’s not a very bold sensation but a very gentle, stable & masculine inner landscape.

A client who never greeted me surprisingly just said ‘hi’ first.

Overall I feel more confident & I’m back at curating more my social media presence (especially LinkedIn) to build my network for real.

The sheer pleasure to work with people directly is increasing & the clients in the gym are getting warmer, nicer & laughing & smiling more & more in my presence. Also they are opening up to their private issues.

My inner frame is getting unshakable & more masculine but loving, accepting, carefree & joyful at the same time.

This is the inner/outer effect I was looking for & sometimes I think I don’t need anything else in life because this positive mindset is getting me into a very joyful state where, no matter the circumstances, I feel very good & without any negative thoughts.

However at the same time I’m pushing myself to want even more & try to reach my other dreams.

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Many seem to combine an alpha program with Sanguine to reduce recon, but I wonder what Lovebomb(soon to be updated!) would do if you add it to Khan, for example. Since many of us are taught that validation comes from society/outside, we often lack the ability to have genuine self-love that is truly unconditional. And having unconditional self-love seems to be essential for realizing the Khan/Alpha mindset, as it would effectively neutralize neediness for external validation/love. Maybe Lovebomb will also take the edge off of Khan?

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I think anything with a powerful Self-Love script will be very beneficial to every title you pair with. Alpha titles will be more balanced & with much less potential recon during the process.

In my honest opinion Love is the foundation of everything good both inside & outside. It’s our true essence & without it you feel you lack something very important. Of course you can run another stack without it & be successful but the process won’t be so pleasant. That’s my guess based on logical thinking & personal experience.

The other night I had a strange dream where a woman was explaining to me the various steps/stages to reach absolute Love. The fun fact about that is there were like 10+ higher stages than Love Bomb for Humanity. Unfortunately I don’t remember them anymore but it was a crazy experience to realize there are much higher experiences of Love above LBfH.

Maybe, in a future day, I should go all in Love & stack LBfH + HS + the upcoming Love Bomb just for fun.

In another topic, today at the gym there were a lot more cute/hot women/girls than usual & I thought I was very lucky to enjoy all of that feminine beauty.

It looks like I’m using True Sell because I got 2 new PT clients without any effort & also the client I trained today stopped me when I was leaving the gym & she told me she probably found another Personal Training client for me.

Also, I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence or presults from LoB or HS but the number of pretty/good-looking girls at the gym is increasing.

However today I’m feeling strange & somehow disconnected.

This Saturday I’ll meet a potential (side) business partner & she said she’s glad to see me.

So long story short, I’m attracting more women into my daily life.

EDIT: Yesterday, when I finished the focused Abdominal course, a good-looking girl told me she wanted to follow the next course alone with me because she liked it more to learn all the exercises better. So she could be another potential Personal Training client.

EDIT 2: The first client I trained today at some point complimented my t-shirt. Mind you she’s married but she usually laughs at every joke or fun thing I say & every now & then she touches me. Also I was talking with the receptionist about the fact that 2 other married women fell in love with the trainers in my gym (she told me it’s the “Trainer’s charm”) & then left their husbands, so it’s a possibility that could happen for me too (even though I would like to not ruin any happy marriage).

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Another good day at work with a lot of interesting interactions. The confidence is going up & up slowly but surely. A lot of jokes & playful banter too is becoming my new normal.

At some point 2 guys asked me about building up a gigolo side business just in case for a plan b…Then the conversation went to the prn industry where one of those told us he was becoming an adult movies actor due to his prn actress girlfriend. It was a surreal conversation to say the least.

A caught a lot of stares, glances & smiles too.

The fame factor is starting to kick in because clients are searching for me more & more.

Life feels so good if you feel so much love as I feel today. It’s the most basic & foundational thing to thrive no matter what. At some point, you tell yourself it’s good enough but then the ASBR combined with NR kicks in to push for more & more.

Wherever I go I feel satisfied with what I’m doing & how I’m treated with respect, kindness & openness.

Almost everyone I interact with in real life sends me body language signs he/she wants more of my presence.

Yesterday I interacted with one of the most attractive girls in the gym &, as the conversation kept going, she showed signs of wanting to talk more however I cut the conversation short because I said to myself it was enough.

Instead, today’s downside was the delusion to see myself as not as photogenic as I would like to be so there’s something to heal there about my body image.

Yesterday something powerful shifted inside me because I feel quite different than the past (especially around people), so it looks like a new version of me is finally emerging.

I don’t know how to describe it but there’s like an inner armour which neutralize every bad thoughts & negativity I’m exposed to. It looks like a filter was installed & now I experience the World around me without the emotional attachments I had. The filter is in place for heavy emotions like guilt, shame & fear too.

Right now I’m feeling like under some kind of strange anesthesia and when this positive numbness will be gone, then I guess another reality shifting experience will happen.


Another day…another good day at work.

Even at risk to sound like a broken record, today I was having only positive interactions with people. Smiles, kindness, openness, compliments, more friendly touches, more pretty girls/women during my shift are my new normal manifestations so from now on I’ll report only exceptional/extraordinary things, people, events.

I’m getting more open & selective at the same time. There was a natural 8/9 girl to assist while I was creating/showing her workout for the next weeks but I wasn’t so attracted to her because she was kinda boring personality-wise. In the past I would have been instantly attracted to her no matter how she was behaving but since several weeks I realized I deserve the whole package (both high quality looks & great personality).

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I’m getting more & more attracted to mastering the manifestation process while refining my daily wealth-related affirmations. Today’s affirmations are wealth-related & then I’m going to switch to another area (relationships, self-concepts, physical shifting, cognitive enhancement) while rotating them & giving them a full focused day every single week.

All those affirmations are perfectly in line with my current stack goals & they are pronounced out loud & they are consciously thought of during the day as much as possible whenever I can. So they shouldn’t interfere with the subliminal use but enhance it.

An exceptional thing happened yesterday: a car broker contacted me because he needs some help selling 1 hypercar & 2 supercars. Today we’ll talk more about it.

Noteworthy exceptional things happened today:
-the married attractive woman I was training this morning told me at some point “You’re perfect as you are” & after some minutes “I’m proud of you” (the last one was so unexpected that it got me almost emotional)
-another attractive woman said to me ‘hello’ after a long time of just smiling when I encounter her


5.5 Million + worth of cars to sell…isn’t it a crazy manifestation?


The last day of the current cycle is done with 1 LBfH loop.

During the day I kept being attracted to manifesting methods, Mind’s Eye & in the last few hours about LoB.

I was also thinking about introducing Sanguine or Mind’s Eye before ASBR (to improve my ability to focus & appreciate even more the present moment while boosting ASBR) & taking out temporarily NR to streamline the stack & give it more focus instead of adding too much of everything in kitchen-sink style.

So the next stack would be Love Bomb (hopefully the new version) + New Sanguine/Mind’s Eye + ASBR.