Lovage ultima test run


Quick context: Im coming after around 2 months of stark/primal stack, good mood all around.
I woke up with a slight headache, and usually I’m grumpy for the rest of the day.

I stayed in bed and did 2 testA loops. Did not feel anything special while listening, neither the 1-2 hours after.
I did notice first that I’m grinding my teeths(it happened to me while running emperor v2 as well), I usually don’t do it.
3 hours or so I noticed i’m smiling while doing some chores around the house; needless to say I’m not that happy usually doing chores. After this, my mood increased in optimism, carefree. All while still grinding my teeths.

Went out of the house and I felt like the king of the world: fired up a 2pac mix, I felt like the man. The difference between previous experiences was that I kept the light hearted attitude: I had swag in my walk, barely touching the ground. The feeling was very similar to the moments you go toward the boxing ring(i do boxing): like super pumped and light on my feet and ready to kick some ass.

Interesting first day experience…


Welcome to Ultima. :wink:
Eager to see how (B) treats you.


Ok, day 2, track B report :smile:

I started the day running 3 loops of track B, no breaks in between; same as yesterday, I did not feel anything special while listening.

Trying to re-enact the experience the day before, I started another favorite hip hop playlist. Yet the magic just wasn’t there. I would characterize the day as:

  1. low energy level
  2. no/minimal impulse productivity wise
  3. a bit of “i love every second of my life” feeling from yesterday, but nothing more than a distant shadow

I’m thinking the difference might have been the extra loop (A 2 times, B 3 times), so tomorrow I’ll take a break between first 2 runs and the 3rd one.

Later edit: no teeth grinding today…


Day 3: awesome. 2 loops of track A. pause 2 hours then loop #3

At this point I’m not sure if tracks A and B are the same subliminal with different technologies or different subs. I would bet money on different subs.

The experience for day3 was very similar to day one: optimism all around, good mood, when i start my music I either dance or sing along.
Physical posture also changes a bit: shoulders are always back, imposing.
Productivity was high, one of the best days in the past weeks: did chores again, groceries, worked out morning and evening.

A bit of teeth grinding, but I would say less that in the first day…


Day 4 - track B again

I’ve run 2 loops pause for one hour and then a third loop.

I’m absolutely drained! In retrospective, first time I’ve run track B, I felt the same, suuper tired. I’m running around 10 stark terminus with no issue, but this track B ia on another level of tiredness.

I can’t say much else, I’m.not cranky or in a bad mood, but the low energy level makea it hard to even stay lucid…


Day 5: back to track A

I started the day still a bit tired, but had a productive day.
Overall mood was good, just the energy levels were a bit off.

I felt a new found easyness to express myself, the right words just hit me at the right moment. Interesting to note as well a lower interest to chat with the ladies…


Day 5 update
Last night, track A day I thought a lot about my family and decided tongive my dad a call. I just felt I miss them and it doesnt happen that ofern to me.

Day 6: track B
Level of energy a bit higher that in previous track B days overall. I did dozed of for a couple of seconds in a meeting during my second loop.

Also, it was a first in a long time that I decided not to leave the house, order food in. Not in a bad mood, just didnt felt like going out.

I did saw that EVERY morning since I startes this test I literally wake up 2 minutes before my alarm. pretty cool!


Day 7: track A + 7.1 test

I’ve run 3 loops of track A in the morning, took a break and then I’ve played 2 loops of the 7.1 file with an hour between.

I had a moment where I felt I don’t know who I am. I panicked for a good couple of seconds. This never happened to me with any previous subliminals. Got over it quicky and good mood all around.

I decides to go boxing after a long break.
On my way to the gym it happend. I made it a habit to try and look into any girls eyes - try to make eye contact. The first girl kept eye contact for a good couple of seconds. This rarely happen, usually they just look away. Then a second girl: same. The I caught a third girl eyeing me without me initiating. This pattern happened even with my mask on, it was like they couldn’t look away.
I do work out and look fit, but this was next level.

I’m gonna continue the surround thingy for a while…


have you got a 7.1 speaker system or are you just playing it on your normal speakers?


I got a 7.0 setup (no subwoofer) and I play the subliminal in “pure” mode, no audio alteraration like dolby/ dts effects.


Welcome to Ultima 7.1. :wink:


Day 8 - track B
Very low energy today, but achieved everything I wanted to do: workout, cleaning a bit in the house.

I was a bit melancholic, thinking more and more about what I want to do in life…


Stage 2 ultima starkq: day 1

Today was the day of contradictions. I’ve run all 3 loops before 12 PM.

  1. Energy level was super low. I actually had to take a nap, I was soo tired
  2. After the baby nap, my mood was great: optimist and all around good mood
  3. Maybe because it’s just the first day back to Stark, I did no feel particularly chatty during the day
  4. Productivity wise: as always with Stark: achived all tasked I’ve planned.

More to come in upcoming days…


I miss the “I’m the king of the world” feeling I had on Ultima A, I need to start with that haha.

I do think extra rest makes a huge difference, I enjoyed another baby nap today.

Overall, a good “stark” day: I felt chatty, flirty. Interesting enough though, a bit more serious mood than yesterday.

Walking on the streets, just doesnt get the same reaction as on Ultima. What is in that sub???


A great day today.

  1. woke up before the alarm, fresh
  2. did my daily workout and went to boxing as well
  3. felt optimist, but also pushed away people just draining my energy
  4. I got a couplw of complimeta from girls i knew that I have a “good energy”

cool stuff, but I’m still yearning to hear more about ultima.


Not that much to report for today, since I did woke up with a headache that lasted all day.

I did my workout anyway though…


Today, I felt energized like I didn’t in a long time. I’m still running 3 loops / day, but at least one hour between loops.

Like always innthe past weeks, productivity is super high. weirdly enough, I dont mind anymore doing little things in the house to keep it super clean.
I’m also in the best physical shape I ever was in my life: the daily workouts show!
The main differences between stage 1 and 2 are the level of inner power, confidence( way higher with stage 1) and level of optimism, enjoying life( again drastically higher with stage 1).

Emotionally I’m neutral again, not questioning who I amnlike in stage 1…


A bit of a weird day today: it was a first day not waking up before my alarm and even snooze it.
Overall energy and productivity were low, most likely I just need 1-2 break days.

The feeling of super-optimism is completely gone, and I feel like I’m back to a more neutral state.

Women-wise, compared to stage 1A, i think I lost a bit the drive to actively search company. I do see the new product based on stage 1 as essential for pickup.