Long term sub user but new to subliminal club

Hi there, I’m Griffin.

I have been using subs for 7 years from a diffrent sub maker, but the prices have gone up to much to stay there, now I found out here the prices have gone down recently!
So much for manifestation, also it seems I came at a great time with the new zp technology.
It will be nice to see how these subs compare to the ones I was using.
So what am I using?
Well I am starting with stark zp experimental and LBVM experimental.
On top of that I am using ascension chamber once a week.
I am familiar with recon, as it happens on the other subs I used as well, we called it resistance though.
If they are not the same place elaborate!
So I will look out for recon and maybe do a topic on my journey.
My goals for running this is getting more verbal fluency, spreading love, mental boost, starting a income stream doing something I enjoy, better socializing, maybe get a girlfriend I find the right one.

Some additional info on me,
I am traveling full time, I live in a tiny car and am content with this. My financial situation isn’t great but life in general is great.
I don’t need or want huge amounts of money and If I would get it I would give most away anyway.
I do need about 1000 euros a month for my lifestyle.
I am situated in Europe.

All in all, it’s nice to be here and I hope to be here for a long time



Welcome! Curious to see your results in a month! :grinning:

It is to me a matter of perspective:

  • Reconciliation, means you (un)consciously work to reconcile your beliefs with what you try to achieve running the subliminal. You acknowledge that reconciliation (long or short) is part of your growth.
  • Resistance, meant something is blocking the full expression of the subliminal and nobody knows what it is and what to do about it.

Subliminal club encourages smart and deep introspection though.


Definitely recon is not resistance
Resistance is bad
Recon is good like soreness in the gym is the bridge between your old body and slightly newer one
Recon is bridge between old beliefs and new


Yea I think from what I read on the forum about recon is that the symptoms of recon are the same as resistance which is what the other sub maker calls it.
The were 23 types of resistance according to the other sub maker.
it is just different wording I think.
Since there is no official word use on subliminals yet haha.
I like the wording of reconciliation better though.

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I have one more thing to add, I am microdosing with amanita muscaria at the moment.
So maybe this helps or does not help but it will make for an interesting experiment.

Only 23 :thinking: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Talk about overcomplicating things lol


Quick let me open up the book of resistances and find out which resistance I have today

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Dang. Is procrastinating due to spending all day figuring out which type of resistance you’re experiencing a type of resistance? Or did I just discover #24?! :sunglasses:

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Haha it doesn’t come up that much, but i understand the way I phrased it looks bad, he just came up with that list because people kept asking about types of resistance.

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At the end of the day, I think any culture’s “mythology” (stories) shape its reality and are shaped by its reality

I’m just teasing when it comes to 24 types of resistance. If it helps people have better intuitive understanding of their experiences, it’s great.

The stories we tell ourselves about what is happening and why is especially important with subliminals, which directly works on our internal dialogue about who we are and why we do things.

Reconciliation and Resistance are two different “origin stories” that ascribe different meaning to essentially the same phenomenon.

Calling it recon or resistance creates a different frame, and a different frame leads to a different diagnosis and prescription.

If it’s “resistance” then you’ll probably want to power through, introspect on where your limiting beliefs are, and work even harder on your goals.

At least with Sub Club tech, introspecting and taking action are obviously useful, but, due to how easy it is to overexpose to ZP products and get “recon” if you listen to too many products, “pushing through” is something that wouldn’t work with ZP subs but works with other products.

By calling it “reconciliation,” the diagnosis and prescription are different. With Reconciliation, the word implies an old self is rebelling against a new self that’s being created, and that old self either wants to stay the same, or is shocked and repulsed at the actions/thoughts the new self is taking/having.

For example, it’s common for productivity/wealth subs to report procrastination as one of the most common side effects of reconciliation. Using the metaphor of recon, we can say that the old, unproductive, unambitious, lazy old self is shocked and apalled that the new self wants to work on his business for 9 hours AND go to the gym after.

Old self says “NOPE, F THAT!” and lights up a protection mechanism, YouTube binging or some other black hole to binge on until the ambition fades and Old Self feels safe again.

So obviously taking action is an important part of moving through reconciliation, to counteract that process.

But unlike resistance, we don’t EVER want to “push through” reconciliation, ZP is much much too powerful to wantonly overexpose ourselves when you’re feeling recon. The recommendation during a bout of recon is clear: stop listening for a day or two, reduce your listening schedule, take a washout, let yourself integrate.

And we talk in depth about the “bloom” phase, which is when, sometimes, the most profound results from a subliminal come 15-30 days AFTER the last time you’ve listened to the subliminal. Because, in line with the metaphor, the more your new self has an opportunity to coach your old self, the more aligned you become, and the more aligned you become, the more congruent you are and the faster you get results.

Pushing through reconciliation is like screaming at an acrophobic two year old to walk across a draw bridge.

In the case of recon, we want to take our foot off the gas, reconnect with that “old self” a bit, reparent that “old self” from the perspective of the “new self,” and once there’s some alignment between the old and new self (integration), that’s when it’s time to put the pedal to the floor and go back to a heavy regiment of subconscious expansion through subliminals.

I don’t see why resistance would inherently be bad. Resistance is a natural part of life. It’s the staircase you’ll need to climb to become the person you want to become. I think there is a component of resistance in ZP, too. I’m sure there are many people who struggle to get results because they have the creative stroke of genius, or the surge of motivation, but then have resistance to the amount of effort it’ll take to be the person they want to become.

Knowing that and including it in our lexicon would be extremely valuable.


Amazing reply man, that cleared some stuff up for me about the difference in the way this forum sees resistance and recon.

Hi Billions,

You mentioned the bloom which is something very interesting to me. I can to discover bloom coincidentally, back when I used to use other producer subliminal, he always gave us a heads up to stop listening to whatever we listen if we wanted to buy the new subliminal he was going to release…. And during these phases in which I stopped listening I was incredibly success.

So my question is, why this concept is not property integrated within the instructions?

Meaning how can we maximize the bloom phase to the fullest and reduce the input time?

If we going to listen for 21 days then off 5 days, does that mean we bloom for 5 days only? Maybe these 5 days are not even enough to start the bloom phase.

I understand that bloom can also happen while we listen to the subs, but not sure how effective it is

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