Long-run with Stark

So, another attempt to do journaling - successful and consistent one this time, I hope.

The point is I’m going to keep Stark in my indispensable stack for at least one year since January, 11 2023.

Reasons I’ll be with these titles:
basically, all the objectives of Stark.

By the end of 2023, my goals are:

  • earn 100k US dollars
  • create a product which will bring me income for financial independent life
  • become a strong junior product manager
  • stay in university and be not kicked out

Let the game begin.


Frankly speaking, I don’t really know how to do a journaling properly. I’m welcome to any new insights or advices about that.

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Hahaha, some fast results.
My friend and I went to a cafe where we go every day, where we are already known, to take food from there with us and go to eat in our room. We were told that the cafe ran out of food containers, so if we want, we could eat in the cafe or came with your own containers. We went to our room to get our containers, however, when we arrived, I didn’t want to eat from my container, because I would have to wash it, and I’m too lazy to do it, so I decided to stay in the room and go to the cafe, eat there but after a couple of hours. And my friend took his containers and went to the cafe. He returns and says that the cooks asked where I was, where I had gone. And at the end he adds: “you are famous and popular, bro”.

Stark’s fame growth in its manifestation.


Forgot to mention that I started with WANTED on January, 11.
My schedule is based on official recommendation, i.e. running a title every two days. By the way, I cut duration of each listening down to 3 minutes. Thus, yesterday I ran Stark.

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Right now I’m having some brain fog and tiredness. The point is I don’t know what this kind of recon was caused by. I’m not even surprised if it’s because of WANTED, lol. I had 3 cycles of WANTED before this year and it always made me feel like this. I hope, I will develop second wind.

One day after first run of WANTED, on January 12, I experienced typical WANTED recon, when I felt broken, subdued and weak. The most interesting thing is prior to this I felt like I’m a king of world, I’m VIP and all women are mine, and in one moment the whole your mental and emotional state could be broken down by recon.
Well, yesterday I ran 3 minutes of Stark. Still, I was subdued in speaking with people. This is definitely reconciliation, nothing another. Yesterday, before going to bed, I thought I would be fresh and full of energy today, but I was mistaken: I woke up tired, foggy and still subdued.


Yup my experience too. Something about that first listen after a break hits different. You’re excited, it’s something new for the mind. There’s an added boost to momentarily put aside what brings you down. But the second listen is when stuff starts getting deeper. That’s when you really start getting into addressing the challenges that prevent that initial state you felt in the first listen. Wanted can be a tough one to run.


Couldn’t agree more. Of all the titles in my experience only WANTED and Rebirth were the hardest to run.

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I ate some food and them brain fog and tiredness went away. Also can say subdued state also disappeared. Anyone experienced such things?

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I’ve just realized annual thinking, when at the beginning of year you think you have pretty enough time to reach your goals and you can relax now, is an actual problem of many people, including myself. I’m thinking now about how to plan and manage my time to get the best results possible. Perhaps, I will set goals for each week and will break down every day with an extra detail of what I must do this day. If you have another techniques in your savings, please, feel free to share them with me.

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You are doing perfectly fine, bro. Write whatever you want to write. That’s it.

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It would be wrong if I don’t mention I go to gym 3 times a week. Most of the times I lift weights. That’s about one of actions I do to reach my goals.

Another action I take is learning product managing on online courses. I used to do programming and thought this was my profession for my future life, although I didn’t have a big passion for this. Fortunately, after one session with a psychologist I realized programming and generally every type of job which requires to do what you are told is not my job type, since it requires pure execution, and you don’t have an artistic freedom, a creative freedom. Like there is an architect who design the building from zero, putting a massive creativity into his job, and there is a builder who builds the building looking at the design made by the architect. I’m an architect type of people in case of jobs. Moreover, I don’t like to have a boss over me, cause working under a boss calls a very quick professional burning out. Perhaps, I’m like Steve Jobs - I can’t work on someone else, but only under my own self. I believe I have a great future, Inshallah.

Prior to starting this stack I broke up with my ex-gf, and my ego was harmed a lot after realizing the fact she didn’t value me or something like this because she was initiator of the breaking up and what she told me after that about what she thought about me. For one month I was tearing myself about what happened. But, you know, after one 3-minute loop of WANTED a degree of my sufferings fall down almost to zero. I think now the degree is about 0.1 of 100, and it manifests by my thoughts about her, kinda “you will regret you broke up with me, cause you will see me on the top of the world from the bottom of the world” thoughts, and no thoughts of “ohhh, I miss you, I wish nothing had happened and we were together” pussy thoughts. I’m pretty convinced by the end of the cycle I won’t even remember her and she will be just a girl I passed by in somewhere. I like WANTED at least for it’s “I don’t care who you are even if you are Aphrodite herself”, that Total Nonchalance and Rogue modules vibe.

You’re honestly doing good, keep it up :+1:

In your first post here, you already have a few goals right? My suggestion is to constantly break things down.

Vision → Goals → Milestones → Habits → To-do List

So let’s say you want to create a product that will bring you 100k USD (Goal). You will need to establish milestones on the way to that goal. So you establish milestones of 1k USD → 5k USD → 10k USD and so on. So how do you hit those milestones? You establish the things you do daily to hit those goals. So that may be a few hours of focused work as a habit. You establish habits by doing the smaller things that make up a habit. The smallest possible unit is the To-do List. These are the tiny things you do that you check off once you finish them everyday. Could be as small as watch a video on product management, spend 10 minutes drawing up a new product, etc.

I personally made up this framework myself (likely unoriginal though!) so if there’s anything similar out there that you like, you can use that instead.


Today is Stark day, listened to the title for 3 minutes as usual. Yesterday, before sleep I took 1/4 of melatonin 3mg to get a good rest and wake up fresh, but I woke up tired and sleepy. I’m not going to stop saying WANTED is very energy demanding title, perhaps the most one in the whole world. Thus, I went to bed at 11pm and supposed to get up at 6-7am, but the thing is I woke up at 5.30am and could fall asleep only by 7am, even though I felt super sleepy, and finally woke up at 11am.
Now I have a light brain fog. I compare my state one month ago and now and this is literally white and black: light cognitive state vs “wtf I’m a vegetable, maybe broccoli” state.

This method is as good as the world is old. Although, it seems to be easy to understand, but actually such a decomposition is something that people always learn either from someone or from their experience, and very few people can reach this method themselves.
Thank you, brother, you opened my eyes, haha.

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Now I have a light brain fog. I compare my state one month ago and now and this is literally white and black: light cognitive state vs “wtf I’m a vegetable, maybe broccoli” state.

I think this is the cognitive part of Stark affecting you and not Wanted sub. I also experienced the vegetable state when listening to Limitless ZP sub.

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Wanted might have a nullifying effect on stark if you are aiming for 100k a year you might want to removed wanted and add it after say 2 months.

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Interesting. I had one or two cycles of Limitless ZP, but was okay with that.
Perhaps, this is the cognitive part of Stark, who knows.

For the purity of the experiment, following @Goofy’s advice I’m removing WANTED from the stack for two cycles and going to run solely Stark. After two cycles, most likely I will add WANTED back if I feel I’m totally okay with Stark.

I will miss WANTED’s nonchalance and calmness. :frowning:

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Feels like Stark hits me good. Let me tell you a little bit more about what I’m doing.
I ordered Telegram bot for automatizing sales of premium accounts for one service. Potentially, such an automatization should help me increase my incomes. While the bot is being developed, I’m managing project and product stuff of the bot. Right now I was questioning my friends and mates about the price they are satisfied with to pay for premium account. It will help me to make a price policy for some countries. Almost 80% of the work is done, so soon I will launch the bot. With great hopes, it will bring me some money.

On the other side, I work with my dorm mate over cheap rental service for students. If we attract investments of 15,000 USD, it will be a commercial bomb with a big income. We did some calculations: potentially, we will cover all investment debts in 3 months and go to the plus. For now, the only problem is to find someone who is interested in it to show him a detailed presentation of our service.