Listening to 2 subliinals at the same time


Does anyone have any experience of listening to 2 subliminals at the same time? (on my laptop and on my phone at the same time)

is it advisable? is it wise?


Not advisable, as you may be confusing your subconscious with 2 different inputs.


Bummer! I thought i had discovered a hack to get more exposure!!


I am often listening to Aegis on my phone while also listening to EmpQ on some speakers. I have no idea if it is more, less or equally effective.


That’s my concern too!


I know!!! I felt the same when I thought of listening to my stack at 4x playback speed to get more exposure, but then the OGs of the forum said it wont work :frowning:


Oh well! i guess i wasted today trying it! thank you man for the enlightment!!!


Imagine listening to music. Imagine listening to two songs at once. How successful are you at fully hearing both? It’s true, the subconscious can process a lot. That is why it can process subliminals. But playing two at once is likely the equivalent of playing two songs for the conscious mind.


This is a recurring theme here on the forum. You can find it a couple of times if you search.

Turns out people can and do experiment with this approach to listening. Some have reported good results.

I’ve done it a bit and have not found any ill effects. Subliminal listening is not an exact science. You’ll just have to try it with a clear set of goals and then witness your own results.


I would like to raise a similar question @SaintSovereign & @Fire

Would it be ideal to listen to 1 subliminal, simultaneously on 2 devices

For Example : Emperor v4, ultrasonic on my mobile & MASKED on my headphones.

Would that have a negative impact? or would it enhance the experience?


People keep saying how listening to two things at once won’t work, but I am betting the subs themselves are pretty dense and probably layered, and they work. It’s not like any scientific studies have been done on this subject. I’d tend to think it would have an effect rather than nullifying any effect either sub has.

Is it optimal? Who knows?


how the heck can you hear the ultrasonic if you have your headphones on?


the ultrasonic isnt audible, but the masked is water sounds…that is audible… so i pressume its double effect…


This has been discussed in more detail in another thread I can’t find right now. If I recall correctly the poster was listening to 3 at the same time. Another thread was about experimenting with playing them at higher speeds.

I’d look them up, but I’m really short on time right now.

As for the subs being layered, I have a similar theory, hence the title of my EQ journal.


@DarkPhilosopher thanks… as time permits, please do locate that thread, cause ive been doing it wrong for the last 2 months or so i guess


Try this:


thanks for sharing… im doing 10 hours of empv4 masked today