Listening routines questions


Q1. Is it ok to stop listening at any time and then just continue listening from the point where you stopped before?
Q2. Is it ok to listen to a sub for 10 hours one day and let’s say 7 hours on the very next day? I mean do I have to have a fixed amount of time devoted to listening to the sub every day?
Q3. Is it ok to take a day or two off any time you like or you must stick to listening every day till you’ve finished your training?
Q4. Is it ok to stop listening at any time (let’s say after listening to 3,5 loops) and then on the next day just start again from the beginning?

I’m listening to Khan.


Q1. Yes, I do that a lot.
Q2. Yes, but try at least 6 hours a day.
Q3. You can take a day off once a week or so, that’s fine. Try not to take off more than two days in a row.
Q4. Yes, that’s fine.


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Thanks a million!

I have got two more questions:
Q1. How long do I have to listen to each stage? Could I, let’s say, listen to ST1 for one week to check it out and then decide I would like to try ST4?
Q2. Last night I listened to Khan at the 40% volume using my headphones but I think it was too loud since I woke up thrice during the night and then woke up early in the morning, at 4;30 a.m. and didn’t fall asleep again. I had no problem with falling asleep at 9;30 p.m. yesterday. Do you think it’s because of the volume and I should try to turn it down a bit? What’s the lowest volume which is acceptabel?
Q3. Could anybody kindly share their daily routine with me so that I could compare it with mine, please?


The recommended listening time is 30 days (min.), maybe 15 days being the absolute minimum, but not less. Many long-time users report the best results when they listen for 3 months each, and this what I personally recommend you to do. You can try out Stage 1 for 15 days and the switch but then I am sure you will come back to Stage 1 in the future anyway, or you can just do it right this time.

Did you listen to ultrasonic or masked? Ultrasonic is not recommended for listening with headphones because you don’t really know if the volume is too high. For headphones, use the masked track and turn down the volume so that it is comfortable. If you want to listen through the night, I would recommend to just use the ultrasonic file without headphones and play it off your phone or laptop speakers. I play mine at 40% of my computer volume and put it next to my bed. However, if you have trouble falling asleep or waking up in the night, don’t listen while sleeping. Here you find more information about that: Experimental Listening Pattern

What do you mean? The morning routine (what I do after waking up, e.g showering, breakfast, meditation) or something related to subliminals?

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.


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Thank you for your time and answers. Much appreciated.

Yes, could anyone share their subliminal routine on here, please?


I wake up, open my laptop where there is the ultrasonic subliminal EmperorQ playing 24/7. I work and listen to it with the „set and forget method“. When I then go to work later I use my headphones and play masked on my way. When I come home, I open my laptop so that the subliminal plays again until I close it before falling asleep.


One little note. It is possible that the flood of information being unloaded into your brain is making it hard to sleep well. Some people sleep (and dream) much better when the don’t listen during the night. Some people are the other way around. Some subs energize you, and sometimes it just takes a little getting used to.


It seems to me I need to get used to it, I slept much better last night but still woke up once. Khan is giving me a lot of energy. Thank you for your comment.