Listening In Only One Ear


Sorry if this has been asked before.

In my work, there are days when I have many one-on-one or small group meetings scheduled. I am not willing to expose people to the tracks without their consent but I also want to maximize my listening time, so I’ve been brainstorming possible solutions.

QUESTION: I would like to keep one earbud in my ear with the masked subliminal track playing. Do you think listening in this way (i.e. in only one ear) might impact the efficacy of the subliminal? I’m guessing people will say ‘it’s better than nothing’. Just want to see if anyone knows about this.

My guess is it should be fine, since the subliminals work primarily with the mind more so than with the ears. But I am not sure.


Can we use one earphone?
Listening with just an earbud

Dude you should just get the audioshare app if you wanna do split listening. iOS application to play subs and music at the same time?


It’s not optimal, but it’ll get some results. I’ve had to resort to this myself at times.


Would you mind telling us why it’s less optimal? Because it only goes into one hemisphere? Because the left and right channels are different?


@Malkuth I have 70% hearing loss in one of my ears so effectively I only hear out of one ear and I’ve been getting great results.


@Hollywood I’m somewhere between 70 and 80 percent deaf in my left ear and haven’t been as consistent as possible thinking I wouldn’t get the results I have been wanting. I stand corrected


Thank you for the helpful replies. @Hollywood, your situation, as you describe it, was exactly the kind of scenario that led me to think that this should still work (though I imagine that it might work even better for you, since it’s likely that your auditory attention has probably adapted to your personal hearing profile). (Your mind may, in other words, have learned to be more attentive to your dominant ear and to process auditory information more efficiently that way. Hmm…maybe I’ll try raising the volume a bit to ‘strengthen the signal’ and compensate for that.)

haha, or that could all be wrong.

Anyway, thanks again. I’m going to do it.


@Malkuth you’re right the brain does compensate for hearing loss.

Also I’ll add that I only listen to masked. Ultrasonic gives me tinnitus in my weak ear


Maybe the left and right tracks have different scripts playing through them? If that’s the case you can mix down to mono to get everything in one ear.


I think i read somewhere its more effective when you activate both hemispheres while listening from both ears


I was curious if there are different scripts for each ear. Maybe @Fire or @SaintSovereign can answer that


Great question @JCast